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Insecure's season 2 finale last Sunday left us at The Haute Lifestyle and Black Twitter feeling some type of way! "Bittersweet" is just one of the nicer words we found that described the ending.

This season has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster ride and we caught all the feels, every single one of them! The finale opens with an insight into each of the main characters' life -Lawrence (Jay Ellis) , Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Issa (Jo-Issa Rae Diop) from their perspectives over a 30 day period, before bringing us to the present. Their lives somehow overlap and they reveal how their individual situations occurred.

Arpana (Jasmine Kaur) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis)

We see Lawrence's relationship with Arpana (Jasmine Kaur) being developed after running a marathon with their company. While running, Lawrence notices Issa and Molly on the sidelines which encourages him to run faster and be extra handsy with Arpana (totally inappropriate for a work event).

DRO played by Sarunas J. Jackson
We see Molly hooking up with Chicago bae and picking out Lingerie for a mystery man who turns out to be DRO who turns up at her door looking #likeasnack. Finally, we see the fall of Issa! Who opens the episode in another cool T-shirt and an overly preppy girl with a flyer trying to drum up business on the street because they will be tearing everything down to make a promenade. That's why Issa's rent went up! Issa's job is in question as she did something that could land "We got y'all" in legal issues and she has to move out of her apartment. In order to have some cash, she sells her stuff and left the blue couch that was special to her and Lawrence.

Issa played by Issa Rae

Lawrence played by Jay Ellis

She then calls Lawrence who admits to setting a standard for himself that he could not reach much-less Issa. They hug and cry and we see an alternative ending which sent Black Twitter into a frenzy! To top things off, Issa showed up at Daniel's (Y'lan Noel) house to let him know she will be sleeping on the couch! Why... Issa ... Why!

We think the ending was a bit soft compared to what we are used to from Issa as nothing was resolved though they got closure. It seems all too familiar with Molly being in one of her situations and Issa and Lawrence still on opposite ends. The season sorta ended with both growth and hella regression.

What did you think about the ending?



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