Walking on Water with 30 seconds to Mars

The face of an overly excited Jared Leto fan
Thirty seconds to mars is back after several years of not recording music together and this time they are walking on water. Not literally -- Walk on Water is their latest single and as fans of the band since 1999 we here at The Hautelifestyle is more than elated that we could be apart of this campaign to share the latest deets from the band thanks to Interscope and Collectively.

still waay too excited for the 30 seconds to mars comeback! #WalkOnWater

30 Seconds to mars was formed in 1998 and consists of band members Shannon Leto , Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic all from Los Angeles California. If you are wondering if it's the same Jared Leto from Suicide Squad who played "Joker", it's the very same one and yes! He's a rockstar. One of their breakout hits was "The Kill" in 2005.

Walk on Water is their latest single which dropped a few days ago and we are happy to report that their music is still relevant today and Jared is still hot .

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