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Welcome to a new monthly series dubbed "The Editor's Desk" where the editors take a down to earth approach to talk about trends, tips, lifestyle experiences and everything else in between. Today, it's all about Social Media Realities.

Social Media is a great way to create an alternate life in case your real life sucks! Thing is.. people have a hard time separating the two and make things appear as they don't seem. I remember a friend I went to church with who claimed he had a Mitsubishi Evolution ( a popular sports car ) when I knew his parents (not him) owned a Noah ( a mom van ). He got photos of this car from the Internet and kept posting various pictures of it over and over again. This car gave him status and lead others to believe he was well off and they in turn wanted to be like him. This is the bad side of Social Media -- lying and creating a facade to create a hype and make your self appear to be well more than you really are.

There is however the good side of social media where people can use it as a tool or platform for change and even promotion. Surprisingly, while watching "Life of Kylie", there was a part where she said she doesn't pay for advertising and promotion as all she has to do is post whatever it is on Snapchat and Instagram and something will immediately sell out. This is just one of the ways Social Media can be used for good! I use Social Media to communicate faster with friends and family and to promote my business and blog! We also of course use it to share the latest happenings on the Social scene and the events we've been to.

There is also the dark side of Social Media where people use it to stalk, troll and cat-fish individuals and oh yes! On the dark side is where the Instagram baddies and Instagram models live -- they all dress and look exactly the same! C'mon you know exactly what we are talking about. On the dark side of Social Media, people eat the fanciest meals and always seem to be going on vacations and always have bundles of cash ( for no apparent reason) just flossing like it's no biggie.

We love that social media makes the world smaller in that you can talk to someone in Australia while in Jamaica without actually going there in person. As with every phenomenon, there are good and bad.

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