Chris Brown's "Questions" make Jamaicans mad

There we were-- scrolling through our morning YouTube feed when I saw "Questions" by Chris Brown released just 19 hours ago. Dear artistes: Why must you release videos while we are sleeping? At least on my side of the world here in hot, and beautiful Jamaica. Wanna know why Jamaicans are mad at Chris? Keep reading!

The video opens with a girl dressed in a merino dress with rasta colors (similiar to Rihanna in Work), thigh high gladiator heels and a side pony. We see Chris Brown giving the "shhh" gesture then he begins singing and we hear the familiar words of "Turn me on" a worldwide hit in 2004 by St Vincent Soca artiste Kevin Lyttle ft Jamaican dancehall DJ Spragga Benz. As we listened, we also noticed the moves were dance-hall and there were patois/patwa (Jamaican dialect spoken by 80% of the people).

Some (not all Jamaicans) in the comments section below the video were mad because they claimed that Chris Brown "stole" Kevin Lyttle's song! Dear Jamaicans who were mad in the comments, this is called sampling. See the definition below for sampling:

"In musicsampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece".

With that being said International artistes realize that Dance-hall and the Jamaican culture on a whole is hot right now and they are capitalizing on it-- it's a business. If our local artistes are not producing quality music to compete on an international level of course it will seem like international artistes are "culture vultures". Just, relax and remember it is a business and instead of saying people are "stealing our culture", let's step back, look into ourselves and see where we're lacking and produce quality. To the Jamaicans who said he stole the song, please read, research and try to understand what you read.

We like the song and video and think it's a great way to resurrect a popular hit to suit this generation.

Just call me Bad Boy Marcus!

Look out for more of my commentary on issues in the community and social media.

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