#Branding/ Identity crisis

Hi Guys!

We are in the month of August and some have said August is the month for new beginnings. New Jobs, new house, new opportunity , new blog name? We are in a bit of a predicament!

We recently realized that there is brand confusion with "Haute"! This became apparent when an event we will be sponsoring next month seemed to have googled "The Haute Lifestyle" and used the first random logo they found with the name rather than using the logo we actually sent them with our actual branding! How could they have been so careless? We could run into serious trouble for them using that logo! It then dawned on us after a whatsapp group chat they we need to change our name and branding!

We are not opposed to change and starting over but this will take some time to get the right name and branding as things rushed never work out well for anyone. For the next couple of months, we will be experimenting with names and looks (things might get crazy) but we ask that you stick with us and trust the process.

Help us find a new name!

Twitter: @hautepeople
Instagram @haute_people

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