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The Summer season is officially here which means in a few weeks "peak season" for travelling will officially be open. We try to do a travel related post each year because things change and are often updated and as the years progress more people travel. If you want to learn helpful tips on travelling this Summer, check out these tips below.

Dress Comfortably

Who remembers their first trip? If you live in the Caribbean you were probably dressed to the nines in the latest threads. In these times, it's better to wear comfortable clothing (and shoes) like Leggings, Jeans and shoes that you can easily slip on and off. At each checking point, you will be asked to remove your shoes and if you wear something with 100 buckles, you will have to remove them each time. Remember to also keep the jewelry and accessories minimal, you literally cannot go through the scanner without removing them.

Keep it Moving

One of the reasons I hate group travelling or travelling with a lot of my family (sorry guys) is how slow things can be when you do. If you are travelling with a large group, go through all the steps without stopping. For example, when you get through the scanner, instead of stopping to look around to see where everybody else is .. go through! Not only are you holding up the people behind you, you sort of draw suspicions to your self. While travelling with a family member last year who kept stopping in lines to see who's behind her, she was stopped by a TSA agent because she drew attention to herself.

Wait your turn

This next tip is straight from my heart and burns my core! When the plane has finally landed, do not stand the second it lands in the row or aisle! The plane is already small and just imagine everybody standing blocking everything! How about waiting until its your turn to move out.... starting from first class down. You can't be at the back of the plane and standing expecting to get ahead of those in front of you. It causes chaos and delays the time to unload the plane.

Check your Documents

I have heard too many stories of people who had to go back home just because their travel documents are not up to date. How are you walking around with an expired passport and visa? How do you expect to go anywhere with that? Literally and seriously! Before you travel check to see that your documents are up to date.

Plan for the Worst

Travelling is so much fun for me but that fun can easily turn into a disaster. You can easily miss a connecting flight because the previous flight was late, you can go to the wrong terminal and lose time in the Airport (especially larger airports) . I always say to be realistic and plan for the worst! Always ensure that you have extra money on hand just in case you have to pay taxes your travel agent didn't tell you about.

Will you be travelling this Summer?


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