5 Things Artistes Can Learn from Charly Black's Performance on the Wendy Williams Show

Last week, Jamaican dance hall artiste Charly Black appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and debuted his popular hit "Gyal you a Party Animal". Of course, social media went into a frenzy and the performance went viral! We here at The Haute Lifestyle are all about learning and we came up with 5 things Artistes can learn from his performance. Keep reading to learn more!

Think International

Too often, artistes in Jamaica are only concerned with "getting a buss" instead of taking the time to truly think about the music they are putting out. They say it takes several years to be an overnight success and sadly for artistes they have not taken on this mantra. Party Animal's sound has an eclectic mix of Dancehall, Soca and even Hip Hip (if you listen closely)

Capitalize on Dance-hall

There is an ongoing debate that International Acts has "stolen" Dancehall which means it is popular and everybody wants in! Charly realized this and instead of having regular dancehall , he infused a little Soca and Hip Hop to appeal to a wider audience which will give the song longevity and could go beyond just a "Summer Hit".

Professionalism is Key

If you watched the performance you saw that he actually performed. He didn't pull up or "buss shot" or give the usual "Jamaican Big Up", nothing wrong with that we love a good vibe! However! There is a time and place for everything... while people might hear the song on the radio they might not have known the artiste. Most importantly, there was not an entourage of men on stage for no apparent reason.

Perform the Song
How many times have we witnessed an artiste performing a part of a song? Too many! Artistes, if you are booked to perform a song, actually perform the song in it's entirety or a shorter version of the song with the chorus and punchline! The whole point of being booked on any show is to get your music out there which means more money for you in the long run.

Always be Prepared

It is always said that when success comes knocking, we should always be ready! For many artistes this is not the case. You can get your big break in a small way that has far reaching effects and you won't even know.  Ensure that you have you tracks professionally mixed and mastered, you are marketing your brand and you have done a few performances to get a feel of a stage and a live audience.

What did you like about Charly Black's performance on The Wendy Williams Show



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