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Hey Dads (and kids) Mother's Day is on Sunday May 14, 2017 which is the perfect time to show Mom how special she is. Motherhood is a full-time, yearlong, lifetime job and Mother's deserve that one special day to be lauded and treated like the true Queen she is.

Let's face it , there is no real way to repay Mom for the sacrifice she made bringing you into the world; but! Giving her a thoughtful gift that adds value to her life helps just a little. Shop our Guide below for a list of local ( Jamaica ) gifts that will put a smile on her face.


This is one of the "go to gifts" for Mom if you have no idea what to get her. Flowers are beautiful and make the home look vibrant plus the smell great. The great thing about flowers is that you can get ones that match her personality or whatever is in season. To take things up a notch, you can also get her a customized floral gift basket. Our Floral Vendor of choice this year is Kreations Flowers.


Get Mom some bling so she can be in the "grocery store looking lavish". Jokes aside, instead of getting Mom the usual store bought mass produced Bling, why not get her something unique and handmade? We are loving the pieces from Purple Jade for their beautiful pieces. This brand is led by a female so we are supporting #brandjamaica and the rise of the female Entrepreneur.

A Spa Day

Who doesn't like being pampered? Moms do so much and often neglect themselves. Gift her an All-Inclusive Spa Day where she gets a relaxing massage, manicure and pedicure and a new hairdo. Adam and Eve Day Spa has really great (affordable) packages and they operate in a clean and spacious facility.

A Mug

I know you are thinking this is probably one of the most cliche' Mother's Day Gifts and you are so right! Why fix what's not broken? You can never, ever go wrong with Mugs and they make a great last minute gift ( if there's any left on the shelves) This is one of those gifts that will get a ton of use as Moms drink Tea and Coffee all the time to get through those long days! This year, get her a stylish Mug from ASD by Ayanna Dixon.


I love scented candles around the house and I think this is a great "Mom Gift". There are various types you can get based on your lifestyle, for example there are stress, energy and sleep candles that you can get. I recommend getting candles that match with the decor and can be used after they have burned out. One of our favorite local candle brand is Laura Alexis.

Personalized Gift Cards

For my International readers, a great option to is get her a personalized Gift Card. The coolest thing about these Gift Cards is that you can add Mom's favorite picture of something that is meaningful to her. For more information on Personalized Gift Cards. Click HERE

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What will you be getting Mom this year?


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