Everything you Need to Know about the Met Gala 2017

Spring is one of the most active seasons in the Fashion Industry as it is the time when Designers showcase their latest collections. One of the staple events on the Fashion Social Calendar is the Met Gala. You have probably seen pictures of celebs at the event and have now idea what it is all about. We are here to give you all the deets on this totes major event.

What's In a Name?

It is officially called the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit. This is a black-tie event held annually the first Monday in May. The event started as fundraiser for the Costume Institute ( also known as the Fashion Department ) It is one of the only self-funded departments which basically means they have to find money elsewhere to keep the department running.

What is the 2017 Theme

Like most Fashion Events , the Met Gala has a theme which gives the guests/attendees an idea of how to dress. If you have seen the celeb pictures, there is method behind the madness! Each year Designers present a collection and for 2017 solo Japanese Designer Rei Kawakubo will be presenting her line "Commes De Garcon" which is also the theme this year.

How much does the Met Gala Cost?

The tickets are $30,000 this year and the tables are around $275,000. With this hefty price-tag one can safely say " If you are ballin" this event is not for you. You could probably purchase a house and a car with that money based on where you live. Last year ,  $13.5 million dollars was raised which went to the Costume Institute. Interesting Fact: Not everyone will pay for a ticket as brand will invite celebs to sit at their table ( purchase their ticket and wear their clothing ) Sounds pretty sweet right?

How Can I Attend?

Invitation Only! Even though you get in by purchasing tickets there is a strict criteria for getting in and a waiting list. Some of the things they look for are: Social Buzz, Achievement and Beauty. Anna Wintour has the final say on who gets invited to the event.

What Happens on the Inside?

It is a complete secret! Have you ever seen celebs posting inside the actual event?? Nah, except for the Red Carpet , photos and videos of any kind is banned on the inside.

Red Carpet Coverage of the Event will be at 7 p.m tonight on E!


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