Behind the Seams with Fashion Designer T'ka Walters of Alyssa Chalayne

It was just last week that we discovered a group of final year Students in the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology (UTECH) at a Fashion show titled "Vault" held at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on May 13,2017. One of those students was T'ka Walters with her brand Alyssa Chalayne who presented her line called "Daring Denim". The line was well received by event patrons and we knew we had to get the talented Designer here on the Blog! Today, The Haute Lifestyle goes Behind the Seams with the talented upcoming designer.

Daring Denim Collection  at "Vault" Fashion Show, May 13,2017 | Dwayne K. Smith Photography
THL: Tell us about the collection you debuted at “Vault”? 
A.C:   My Latest Collection Daring Denim was created to show the versatility of the fabric, Denim. Denim is always trending and never goes out of season. The ideas for using denim are endless; “Daring Denim” had outfits that were recycled, bleached/distressed, paired with power mesh and it also included the never outdated design; Patchwork. I tried to incorporate as much as I could while appealing to different person’s style and preference; From Denim bikinis, casual and fun day outfits, chic evening attire, party/club wear, a classic trench coat and of course I couldn’t leave the males out!  
Designer T'ka Walters at "Vault" Fashion Show May 13,2017 | Dwayne K.Smith Photography
THL: How has your journey been as an upcoming Designer?
A.C: The role of a Designer is hard work and upcoming designers are no exceptions. The industry is fast moving and you are only allowed to stay on top of your game! My journey has been a thrilling and definitely informative one. I have gained a lot of Knowledge and Experience. My journey started in Montego Bay where I attended Montego Bay Community College, enrolled in the Clothing and Fashion Design Course where I debuted my First fashion line “Pink Instinct”. I moved to Kingston after completing the course where I am currently enroll at the University of Technology. I debuted my Jamaica color swimsuit fashion line “While we Jammin” last summer and my most recent work “Daring Denim” at the Pegasus on May 13, 2017 Over the years, I’ve been doing multiple fashion shows to promote my work which led to my growing customer base. 

THL: Why did you choose Fashion Design as your major?
A.C:    The moment I got to high school, I knew I wanted to be a designer. I saw myself doing something practical. I always wanted to use my hands to create something interesting and my love for clothes and fashion steered me into the world of fashion designing. Designing was always my passion and after high school I decided to pursue it fully. 

THL: How do you balance being a student and a designer? 
A.C:  Time Management is Key and I believe there is still room for improvement in this area. However, I am dedicated to my education and also to my business. There are 24 hours in a day therefore I try my best to spend my time wisely by allocating several hours to each aspect. I usually take breaks in between school assignments and weekends for my business.

THL: Where do you see the brand 5 years from now? 
A.C:  I see Alyssa Chalayne being a diverse brand of Jamaica; expanding both Locally and Globally, catering to a wide market that is trendy, classy, bold and simply Dynamic!

THL: Tell us about your creative process? 
A.C: My creative process starts as soon as my pencil touches my sketchbook. I usually sketch different styles or an outfit as soon as a thought comes to mind. Oftentimes, one sketch leads to another and I end up with an entire collection. I later envision a colour scheme for the designs. My First fashion line was inspired by the Monochromatic hues of the flamingo. The second Fashion line was endorsing Jamaica as a brand. The Colours of the Jamaican flag inspired the swimsuit line which showed a variety of styles in the Jamaica colours. Daring Denim was inspired by the current “denim on denim” trend.

THL: What is the first thing you ever made? 
A.C: The first thing I made was a baby dress at Montego Bay Community College for a class project.

THL: Where can we find your clothing?
A.C: Currently my only Business pages are my Instagram alyssa.chalayne_designs and my Facebook Alyssa.Chalayne.

THL: What are 3 words people use to describe you? 
A.C: Meticulous, Creative and Focus

Jamaica is an Island filled with beautiful beaches and extremely talented people. Be sure to keep up with us every Thursday as we go "Behind the Seams".

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  1. Continue to rock the Jamaican fashion Industry, Alyssa Chalayne!

  2. I am so proud of you T'ka! You have an undeniable talent and your passion for creating beautiful design will definitely take you far.


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