Behind the Seams: Sabrina M Reynolds Designs

We love finding new interesting and talented people here at The Haute Lifestyle and after seeing this Designer on Instagram's "popular feed", we knew we had to have her on the Blog. Today, The Haute Lifestyle goes Behind the Seams with Sabrina M Reynolds Designs which is an all handcrafted genuine leather brand based in Jamaica.
Designer Sabrina M Reynolds in her over sized cross body leather bag

H.P: Tell us about how you became a Handbag Designer?
S.R: To be honest I didn't set out to become a handbags designer, it just happened and without warning. I have always loved stylish hand bags and shoes and more particularly leather bags and shoes. I love the smell, feel and the look of leather but could not afford them in most cases.

Over sized cross body bag (unisex)
It began when my boyfriend gifted me a sewing machine, he knew I had a block towards sewing since high school.It seemed so hard to string the machine so I dropped it after a few weeks. Being gifted the sewing machine, I now felt stirred and thought I would try again. The first time I got the machine he helped me to string it and even went around it and sewed on a piece of fabric.That same night I sewed a makeup bag that turned out really well and I was surprised. Since then I became addicted to sewing after seeing the possibilities that could of it because the makeup bag was a huge accomplishment for me considering I had a block. I started sewing my own clothing though I had no formal training and people would often give me compliments. Google has helped a lot and  was my go to source in learning how to sew. I then decided to sew my own bags and I started with fabric/denim bags and I got a lot of compliments with those as well so I moved on to trying what I loved...leather bags!! The very first one I made I had a couple ladies asking me where I bought my bag and it was then I decided that I would make some for sale. I figure Christmas was a good time to make some for sale.The first public viewing of my bags was December 2016 and the rest is I am a hand bag designer. Once I had the bags out people loved them because they were so uniquely made.

I did not set out on becoming a hand bag designer it is just God's gift to me and I am embracing all the creativity he is blessing me with. I have to pinch myself at times and say it can only be God because I just cant believe I make some of the bags I create.

H.P: Of all the material to work with, why leather?
S.R: I chose leather because it is the best quality material that anyone can use to make bags. It is durable, wares well (it will last forever), it has an exotic feel and look and I love the smell. In choosing bags it is the preferred choice for most people.

Fancy Fan Clutch (extra sized) with leather trimmings
H.P: We noticed the pieces (shapes of the bags) are quite abstract, is there a reason behind that?
S.R:I am inspired by various things in designing my bags and one of them is the natural shape of the leather. My inspiration most times comes from just looking at laying it down and just the let it speak to me. It tells me how it wants me to cut it, the shape and even the combination of colours to use. I find regular shaped bags boring...I like a unique bag and I am sure most people like different and unique. I also find that my bags are something to talk about ... a conversation piece. As I design a bag I always try to make it different and unique and in order to do that u have to design outside the "box/bag" so to speak.  

H.P: If you were stranded on a deserted Island, what 3 things would you take with you?
S.R: Three things I would take with me on a deserted Island are My TV, I love to watch movies, something to a start fire and my king size bed 😏

Over sized cross body leather bag
H.P: Finish the sentence … I cannot live without my ….
S.R: I cannot live without my Phone! I would feel like a fish out of water, I use my phone to do everything that has to do with my business, banking, social media and to stay in touch with family and friends. It's very handy.

Sabrina M. Reynolds Tags

H.P: What can we expect from you in coming months?
S.R: You may say I am an emerging designer, very new to it but already causing a stir because my bags are unique and stylish. I expect that in a few months I will be on the lips and arms of every hand bag lover that is bold, stylish and fashionable and who appreciates great quality. I am working towards always being better at my craft and with the designs I create and the quality I put out so that I can be a leading hand bag designer internationally.

Leather Over sized Satchel Handbags

H.P: Where can we find your pieces? 
S.R: I am on social media I can be found on Facebook and Instagram as Sabrina M Reynolds Designs. I operate a beautiful plant nursery in a garden setting located at 20 a Lipscombe Road Stonyhill and my bags are also displayed there.

Sabrina M. Reynolds
Unusual Creations Plant Nursery and Gifts
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20a Lipscombe Drive
Stonyhill Ja. W.I.


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