5 Life Lessons from HBO Series Insecure

HBO original series "Insecure" #IssaHit! There I was again searching for a series that is fun, candid, honest and relatable. Thanks to the MTV Movie Awards I was introduced to Insecure, the show's leading lady Issa Rae is definitely not strange to the silver screen as she has her won web series on YouTube called "Miss Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl".

About the Series

Insecure is an HBO original comedy series created by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore, which is partially based on Rae's widely lauded web series Awkward Black Girl.[2][3][4] The series premiered on October 9, 2016.[5][6] The first episode premiered online on September 23, 2016, via HBO Now and HBO Go. Since its release the show has gone on to receive critical acclaim. On November 14, 2016, HBO renewed the show for a second season.[7] Issa Rae announced via Twitter that Season 2 will premiere on July 23, 2017

We here at The Haute Lifestyle is all about learning valuable lessons so here are 5 Life Lessons we learnt from the series.

Life comes at you fast

The series started with Issa Rae turning 29 and we saw her lack luster Birthday celebration with her bestie, Molly. Every loves Molly! Anyway, if there is anything you want to do, do it now! Don't wait for "the perfect moment" or "when you have money", do it now. Just a few years ago I was in High School with big dreams and plans for the future and I'm now 30! The time literally flew by.

Kick Dead Relationships to the Curb

Issa Rae was in one of those comfortable, mundane routine relationships where you stay with the person just for convenience. As humans ( male and female) we know when a relationship is dead! If the relationship has ran it's course and is just dead, call the morgue sweetie , it's time to kick that dead relationship to the curb and keep it moving.

Stop Being Boring

Issa Rae is that girl who went to a great university and got a job that fit into what she was looking for (at the moment) and stayed! There was no personal fulfillment , the people are beige ( literally ) and she was just there being boring and stuck. One night she decided to stop being boring and went to an open mic "Rap Night" and spitted sick beats on stage. If you have a boring life or job , stop being boring. If there is something you've always wanted to do, do it! If you have a Visa .. travel!

New Things

Who likes doing the same things, every day and all the time? Put your hands up (we won't judge) No one does! Here in Jamaica, there are not a lot of new things to try but no matter how small it is, once it's different go ahead and try it. If you want to start a Blog or YouTube channel , do it! Do you Boo! You will be so glad you did.

Step out of your comfort Zone

Absolutely nothing , nothing grows in your comfort zone. A comfort zone is that place where you are relaxed and feel safe and you guessed it ... comfortable! Once you are here, get going and get out of it. Do something that scares you, I'm not talking about "Fear Factor" scary like going in a bathtub filled with Lizards. I mean something scary like taking a leap or JUMP to starting a business. Be sure to have a solid plan then jump! There are some people who don't have a plan and made that jump and are successful and it worked for them.

Have you seen Insecure on HBO? Tell us your top takeaways?


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