16 Reasons to Watch "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV

90's Kids stand up and as we say here in Jamaica "Big up yuhself" [give your self appreciation]  MTV is having a revival and we are here for it! Back in the day MTV was the shiz! They had several great unique series that catered to everyone. One of the staple shows back then was My Super Sweet 16 which is a reality series that follows 15 year old privileged kids and their friends as they throw the most lavish parties.

For all you people who think Teyanna Taylor is new on the scene you probably didn't have cable. She was one of the kids on the show who only wanted a "bicycle" for her gift. Who could forget?! On to why we're here ...If you are new to MTV or my Super Sweet 16 , Here are 16 reasons to watch.

16. You get to re-live your childhood
15. MTV will show something besides Ridiculousness
14. You get to see the best throwback moments from the best parties from past seasons.

13. You get to sing along the jingle.
12. You get to see throwback photos of your favorite celebs like Jennifer Lawrence.
11. If you are 16 – or you want to throw a coming of age party – and you have an insanely rich family, apply here: mysupersweetcasting.com
10. If you’re not 16, you don’t want to throw a coming of age party or you don’t have insanely rich parents don’t fret. You’re about to have the best seat in the house to the world’s biggest terrors.
09. You get to see bratty kids get cars you probably won't be able to afford in all your lifetime.
08. Ever wondered what the kids of past seasons are doing now? You have to tune in!
07. There is always an "exclusive" of another MTV original show or Movie.
06. You get to see teens throw shade at their parents!

05. The kids will be hella different! We predict "Instagram Models" and baddies
04. You will get to watch one of MTV's guilty pleasures.
03. There will be tons of celebrity "cameo" appearances!
02. You will have something to watch besides Once Upon a time on a Sunday Night.
01. You will get to see MTV make a much needed comeback!


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