Declutter Your Wardrobe for a Fresh Spring Start

You’ve already decluttered your home and you work hard to improve the physical and mental image of yourself? That’s great! Still, there is one other thing that you shouldn’t overlook on your way to a fresh spring start. That, my friend, is your wardrobe. If you spend a lot of time just going through the piles of clothes in order to get the one item that you want, or simply cannot work out how to store everything you have without all your garments getting wrinkly and messy, it’s time for a change. So, take a deep breath, go through your stuff carefully, and try to put your emotions aside.

Group the garments

Take every garment that you own out of your wardrobe and any other storage space you may have. Before you proceed, organize them in specific piles. Don’t just use simple warm vs. cold weather labels. For example, create piles, such as “casual summer dresses”, “casual bottoms”, “casual summer tops”. Then, introduce the elegant pile for more formal occasions. Do the same for your warmer garments. Of course, put the accessories in different piles as well, and divide them by the season. Once you have everything sorted out, you can start your purging.

Start with tops

In general, people have more tops sitting in their wardrobe than anything else. But do you really wear all of them? The first thing you should do is place tops that you haven’t worn for more than a year in a declutter pile. This is especially true for tops that you bought on a whim and actually never wore. Then it’s time for sentimental pieces. If you don’t get to wear those band tees even as sleeping tops, you don’t need them. Someone else can make better use of them. You can also cut them up and use the logos as patches. The most difficult bit is possibly the question of style. But, if something you used to wear a lot simply doesn’t match your current personality, it’s time to say goodbye.

Continue with bottoms

Be it shorts, skirts, pants or jeans you have to stick to those that have a purpose. In general, bottoms are usually a bitter reminder of the foregone days of your tip-top shape. These are the garments that you keep holding on to because “they will fit better when you lose weight or get fitter”. By all means, stick to your physical goals, but get rid of everything that simply doesn’t fit now and hasn’t in a while. You simply don’t need too many options when it comes to bottoms. Keep only those that match your style and you’re absolutely positive that you’ll get a good wear out of them. Be it a pair of good old jeans or a polka dot skirt, if you feel good and comfortable in these, there are numerous combination to make out of it.

What about outerwear?

Outerwear can be a bit tricky since it usually costs you more money. But the principle is the same with these garments. First things first – you need something to keep you warm. In this respect, there’s hardly anything more suitable for transitional period than something that’s easy to combine, such as Moncler cardigan style outerwear. Moreover, depending on whether you’re a jacket person or a coat person, you need to stick to only one option. If you simply can’t decide, keep one timeless coat that looks flattering on you and one warm jacket that you know you’ll wear. Outerwear is bulky and takes up a lot of space. That’s why you need to be very unforgiving and realistic.

Are your accessories just clutter?

How many warm hats and scarves do you own? And how many do you actually wear? Take a look at your cardigan, a jacket and/or a coat. Then decide for one hat and one scarf that would go well with them. If you currently don’t own anything that would suit your desired style, buy something new. Choose some bright colors, because spring is the right time for it! Make sure to declutter the accessories that simply don’t work. The same goes for summer hats and beach scarves. If you don’t use them and don’t even have any desire to repurpose them, put them in the purge pile.
With all your clothes laid out in groups you will get a better sense of how many unnecessary items you own. If you had the courage to say goodbye to some of your home décor and welcome the inner change, then you can definitely get rid of the clothes that simply do not match your personality. Not only will you feel better when you donate things that you don’t need and help someone else in the process, but you’ll be able to focus even more on becoming the person you want to be in and out.

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