5 Underlying Messages in the Movie Get Out

We here at The Haute Lifestyle love to have our fingers on the "pulse" of Pop Culture and all things current. On Saturday I watched the Movie Get Out after hearing and reading rave reviews and thought I had to share a few things ( Not Giving Anything Away ) since the Movie touched on a lot of issues. Disclaimer : If you are not an open minded and well read individual , do not read this article. 

The Travyon Martin Factor: Everybody and their Moms and Grandmas know about Trayvon Martin , if you don't here is a quick background info. Trayvon Benjamin Martin was an African American from Miami Gardens, Florida, who, at 17 years old, was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, in Sanford, Florida in 2012 because he was wearing a hoodie and "looked" suspicious. Trayvon is Black and George Zimmerman is White. The Movie opens with an un-named Black man who finds himself in an eerie upscale suburban neighborhood. The man notices a car following him in a mysterious car in a scenario meant to evoke memories of recent vigilante shooting of Trayvon Martin. After this incident the world became "Black and White" ( even though it always was ) and from there , the rate of "hate" crimes skyrocketed.

Black History Is Us: This Movie had so many references and instances to Black History which included the Slave Trade and circumstances surrounding that.Chris was quite apprehensive in meeting his girlfriends' family as she did not inform them he was Black. When he arrived at the family home he realized that they had Black help and he was seemingly the only "normal/modern" Black guy in the whole town. In this scenario he was questioned about what it's like being African American, his physique and how "fashionable" it is to be right now to be black. This is a reminder of the Black Sex Farms where the Slaves would be oiled , prepped and basically put on display for the highest bidder. This scene was a bit uncomfortable to watch because if you are familiar with Black History you know that this is something that really happened. Black people were never seen as people , but property.

Colonization by another Consciousness: That was a mouthful to say and it was a lot to take in as well. Can we allude to Bob Marley's "Redemption Songs" with the line " Emancipate yourself from mental slavery , none but ourselves can free our minds". In his Directional and Producer debut , Jordan Peel draws on several Horror films from " Night of the Living Dead" to "The Shining" which all have the feeling of personal space being invaded and the body being consumed by some other consciousness. In this movie Missy  ( the Mom) is a Psychiatrist/ Hypnotist who taps into Chris' mind and forces him to recount painful memories of his mother then relinquishes him to an out of body state known as "The Sunken Place". All we will say about this is that the mind is a powerful thing to waste , as a man thinketh so is he. * You definitely need to watch the movie to understand this part *

Fruit Loops Symbolism: In one scene towards the climax of the Movie we saw Rose separating Fruit Loops from a Bowl of Milk. Why would anyone drink a bowl of Milk rather than a glass of Milk in the first place? This represents the separation of Coloreds ( Fruit loops/ Blacks ) From Whites ( Milk ) If you saw this part you probably over looked it. 

It is Scary to be a Black Man in America: This movie is all about Race ... the Black Race that is. While on the way to meet the parents , Rose and Chris are checked by an Officer after hitting a Deer. Rose was the one driving and hit the Deer but Chris was the one who was asked for an identification after being interrogated. The reality is that today there are certain parts in America where a Black Guy will get pulled over whether he is driving or not just because a white Officer "feels" he should be pulled over. 

Jordan Peel did an epic job writing and producing the Movie and it could be likened to films of M. Night Shyamalan. It was mind blowing , it keep me on the edge of my seat and it had an amazing story line. This was one of the best Movies of the year and it has grossed over $100 Million Dollars after taking only $4 Million Dollars to make.

Let me know your thoughts If you have seen Get Out



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  1. I have been meaning to watch this movie!! I love movies with symbolism and underlying messages that just blow your mind. I'm a big fan of Jordan Peele anyway so I was planning on watching it, but I'm going to screen shot this and read it before I go to the movies so i can keep an eye out for these. :)

    1. There are a lot more but I didn't want to give too much away .. It will definitely blow your mind away. Watch with an open mind

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