The Haute Lifestyle Guide to MakeUp Essentials

When was the last time you really looked inside your Make-Up Bag? ( Do you even have a Make-Up Bag ?) No shame if you don't because I don't either unless I'm travelling. We are at The Haute Lifestyle thought this was the perfect time to stock up on Essentials and fresh up that Make-Up Bag.


Imagine you wanted to paint your room but you had no paint? Pointless right? Foundations come in a number of brands, shades and formulas which can help you balance your skin tone and cover blemishes. If you prefer a full face then you can get a full coverage foundation if not then there are foundations that are not as opaque.

Eyeliner 👀👀

A stick or tube of eyeliner can make a world of difference! Trust us when we tell you this. I like that eyeliner can be worn on an everyday basis for that " No Make-Up , Make-Up Look " or it can be used to create a dramatic Cat-Eye. Every woman needs to add this staple item to her Make-Up Bag as it is a great starter item.

Lip-gloss 💄💄💄

I know you are probably thinking why Lip-gloss!!?? Thing is, as women we all have a preference and say as it relates to the amount of Make-Up we wear on a daily basis. If you are like me and not a huge fan of Lipstick then Lip-gloss is a great substitute. You can get a Lip-gloss that is clear or one that offers moderate pigmentation. I like to think of Lip-gloss as the Icing on the Cake as it truly finishes off the look.

Make-Up Applicators

It's completely fine if you like to apply Make-up with your fingertips but this only transfers the germs from your fingers to your face. Make-up applicators are so many these days and depending on your preference this can be a brush , sponge or silicon! Yes the "silisponge" is a thing these days.


I've heard people say all Mascaras do the same thing and I'm here to tell you that's not True! There are Mascaras that add volume, length and fullness. I find that the wands are made multi-faceted so that it will give your lashes a 360 look without having to add Lashes. One of my favorite Mascaras are from GA-DE ( Jade ) the wand is a lot smaller and it gives my lashes that 360 both top and bottom.

Eye shadow 👓👀

I like single eye-shadows as opposed to the pallets as they are more conducive for the day to day and travelling! I would say walk with shades that are more earth tones ( for daytime ) and bolder shades ( for night time ) The right eye-shadow with the right outfit can really set the tone.

The great thing about Make-up is that it can be washed off at the end of the day. Let's not make it a big deal and have fun with it.


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