Say Yes to the Dress : Tips for Choosing your Wedding Dress

Every little girl dreams of being a Princess for one day at her very own Fairy Tale Wedding. The thing about modern Fairy Tale Weddings is that the Dresses are numerous and decisions are plentiful! A woman's Wedding Dress is supposed to be special to her and make her feel like a Princess on her Wedding Day. Keep reading for tips on how to select the perfect Wedding Dress.

Finding Your Fit: The great thing about being a woman is that we are all different and have different body types. Wedding Dresses are just like that! There are different shapes and designs created to fit specific body types. You might see a dress in a Magazine or on the Internet that looks super amazing on the model then when you find that dress it doesn't look the same on you. Find the dress the compliments your body type and you will be satisfied.

Wedding Theme: Gone are the days when people would do "Church/Ceremony" Wedding. Today , it's all about a theme and location , location , location. Let's say you are having a Beach Themed Wedding , surely you will opt out of a dress that is bulky and has a train as this would not be conducive to the sand. Also consider the Wedding Photos as these express so much more in expressions than words. When you look back at the Wedding Photos , you should not say " why did I choose that Dress"?. The dress you choose should go with your theme.

Give it Time: This is for the ladies who opt for a custom Wedding Dress. Ensure that you give the Designer ample time to create the dress as you are not their only client. Often I've heard horror stories of Brides who were not satisfied with the outcome of their dress then when asked why this was so there was a resounding " I didn't have time".  Ladies , it's your special day therefore the onus is on you to get things together as soon as you can for best results.

Shop Around: For most ladies finding the perfect Wedding Dress will take time and dedication. If you are working with a specific budget ( you should ) be sure to shop around to get the best prices to suit your budget. Believe it or not , you can find really nice dresses that won't break the bank that still look great.

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