Interesting Ways to Propose in 2017

We're baaaaack! Check out Facebook for a Live Video soon on "what had happened". Wedding Season is in full swing which means it's another staging of Wedding Spectacular in Jamaica! In light of that we wanted to share 5 Interesting ways to propose in 2017.

The Public Proposal

This is for those people who want to express love in a BIG way for all to see. This type of proposal will take $$$ and time. After a night of dancing , ask the DJ to play her favorite song or the song described as "your song", get a spotlight on the dance-floor and pop the question! This can be done in so many ways and it's best to pick one that would mean something to you both as a couple.

The Home-made Proposal

This is a little less extravagant and more sentimental but can still be super romantic depending on how you do it. Guys , let's skip that "she woke up engaged" where you slip on a ring while she sleeps. Instead , send her on a "Spa Day" then when she comes home unsuspecting ... have Rose petals spread across the floor , a romantic dinner , then finally pop the question.

The Destination Proposal

Who doesn't love re-visiting that place where you first met? Take her back to where you first fell in love; it might not be the most ideal or romantic spot but that's where planning comes in :-) This might be cliche' but re-count the day you met minute by minute , tell her all the reasons you love her and how much she means to you ... then bam! pop the question! You can also call ahead and have them set up a table or an area just for you and your love so that it's more appealing.

The At Work Proposal

This is kinda like the Public Proposal but this time it will be just the people at her workplace. If she is a Teacher , sneak into the classroom or staff room , write "will you marry me" on the chalkboard or on paper. This a bit corny but if it floats your boat .. go for it!

The Engagement Party Proposal

The way this works is that you put on a party for your significant other that is actually a surprise engagement party. This is not for every couple as it could easily back fire .. if you have a solid relationship and was thinking ( and planning marriage ) this is a great option. All your friends and family will already be there so you won't have to call all those people. Also , it's a two in one situation in that you won't have to think of having an engagement party later on to spend more money.

How did you propose to your significant other and what are some cool ways you've thought about?


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