10 Things I learnt living in a First World Country

There I was writing a list in January 2016 of the things I wanted to accomplish "live in a new country ". As I wrote this and other goals on that list, money was the last thing on my mind as I had not idea how any of this would be possible. Flash forward to August 2016 and there I was ... living in a first world country. Here are 10 things I've learnt.

Age is just a number: In Jamaica, people put an age limit on just about everything including the family dynamic. If you don't have a husband and child by 30 , your life is worthless. If you have not completed school by 25 don't bother trying. In America people do just about anything they want regardless the age and they do it confidently.

Ask for Stuff : I hate asking people for anything at all as I don't want to be a burden. I realized that people are not mind readers (duh ) and will never know what I want unless I ask for it.

Leave people alone: Now, this was extremely weird as I come from a culture where everybody is in your business! In America , if you see a man on the side of the road ... leave him alone unless he asks you for help. I kinda wish it was like that in Jamaica as I believe the crime rate would be lower as you have no time to dip your nose in people's business.

Promote Yourself: One thing I love about America is how fearless the people are ...OMG! AmeriCANS go hard to promote themselves... after all nobody goes into Business to not make money.

Treat Yo Self : Most Americans are all about work, work, work so they have very little time to enjoy the things they worked hard for. There is no shame in treating yourself to something really nice ( no matter the cost )

Money is not all: This is kinda similar to the point above ( but not really ) I have seen some really old beat up cars that people in Jamaica would never drive. Thing is ..people bought those cars with cash and there are no car payments. People here care about creating memories and having experiences rather than material things.

Your Biggest Problem is yourself : We have all heard this in one way or another and it's so true. When you really really think about it YOU are the biggest problem in YOUR own way. There are people who have gone through way more stuff than you and they made it over successfully to the other side.

Perfect your Craft/Talent/Skill : So I know that Jamaicans are talented but I can't even front with the level of talent in Americans. I realize that most Americans will spend money to really sharpen a skill or talent before they offer it to the world.

You Are Entitled to Great Customer  Service: Yes I used the "E" word. Here in Jamaica we receive such crappy Customer Service that I feel this is how Business should be. Even if people are pretending to be nice , they go above and beyond to make you feel ... appreciated as a Customer.

There is the Rest of the World: Believe it or not , there are so many people who have never traveled to another country or even City. Most Americans will roll out the dough to travel to another country just to experience something new. Travelling allows you to get a fresh perspective on life and the world in general and allow you to realize you are a small piece of a much bigger picture.


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