How to Really, Really Set Goals

It is January 2017 which means the start of a new month and new year. Get ready , you will see #Goals related posts all over the Internet. We all have goals whether you write them down or not ; that's just Human nature. We here at The Haute Lifestyle decided we would help you set goals for 2017.

"Goals/Dreams don't work unless you do"

Categorize them: Sooo , here's the thing about goals... they can be quite vague. The thing that helps me to set goals is to categorize them. Personally, my categories are: Personal , Professional , Financial , Health , Spiritual and Emotion. This might sound like a long list but you will soon find that this method makes setting goals not only easy but attainable.

Time Stamp: Give your self some time ... real time! How long do you give yourself realistically to set and accomplish these goals. I find that the most challenging goals will take a longer time so I might give myself a full 12 months. The easy breezy goals will take less time so I might give myself anywhere between 6 weeks to 90 days.

Accountability: The first time I heard about an Accountability partner , I said there is no way in heck I'm gonna let somebody all up in my business! Having a person who truly has your best interest at heart to hold you accountable for setting and accomplishing those goals it's like you are not allowed to fail.

Failure: The First time I heard that quote I was taken aback then it got me thinking. If there are no failures it means I'm not doing anything new and if I'm not doing anything new I'm failing. I want you to really really think about this and comment :-)

Celebrate: There is nothing wrong with celebrating your wins! Treat yourself to something really nice ( or simple ... whatever floats your boat ) but just celebrate. You are well deserving of your victory so celebrate ... But! Be wise about it , this is not the time to ball out.


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