Best Diet and Nutrition Apps for 2017

If you want to get a good-looking body, increase your strength, stamina and overall health, there’s more to achieving all of that than just simply regularly hitting the gym. Although exercise is a very important part of it, you also need to look at the type of food you’re eating and change your overall diet to a healthier one. Food is what gives us all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that give our bodies energy and keeps us going throughout the day, so really diet is actually a precursor to exercise. Once you get your diet sorted out, then you can focus on hitting those weights. What’s more, eating the wrong type of food can cause serious health issues over time and leave you with some chronic problems (diabetes, for example) that you want to avoid at all costs.

In order to properly document all the food that you take into your body, we highly recommend that you reach for a good nutrition app. Not only are these apps capable of precisely calculating the number of calories you take into your organism, but they can also give you informative suggestions about foods that you eat too much, or not enough of. There are many fantastic ones out there that you can use, and today we’re going to be talking about some of them. Word of caution: since fitness apps, in general, are not that secure, and some of them require you to input personal information, it’s best to use some kind of mobile security app as well as a VPN in order to secure your smartphone or tablet.

My FitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is probably one of the most popular nutrition apps out there today and with good reason. It has a huge archive of various types of food that you can easily use to document your meals and discover their caloric value. It has an easy-to-use intuitive interface and is even equipped with a barcode scanner that you can use to quickly input groceries and get all the necessary details about them. The app is 100% free, so we suggest that you try it out as soon as possible.


Like MyFitnessPal, Fooducate also has a barcode scanner function that you can use to speed up the whole process of counting your calories, but it can also give you suggestions about healthier alternatives. For example, once you scan a potentially unhealthy box of cereal with a high concentration of sugar, Fooducate will attempt to show you some other products within a similar price range, but with lower caloric value and higher nutritional value. Additionally, this app doubles as an exercise tracker, so you can just use one app for both tracking your diet and your exercise routine.


One of the best things about Shopwell is that, after using its built-in barcode scanner to obtain information about a product’s nutrition, it can actually rank grocery items taking into consideration your own personal nutritional needs. It’s a great way to easily develop a personalized diet that you can stick to for a long period of time, and with very little effort. In addition to all of that, you can also create nutritional goals for yourself using Shopwell, and then the app will enforce a number of dietary restrictions in order to help you reach that goal.

Calorie Counter Pro

This nifty little nutrition app doubles as an exercise tracker and can provide you with accurate nutritional information about more than 40 types of different nutrients. On the exercise side, it has more than 500 different routines in its database so it can really help you mix it up when it comes to your workouts. But perhaps the most amazing feature of Calorie Counter Pro is the ability to build up an entire plan of your eating and exercising habits, and track your progress thereafter.

My Diet Coach

This app revolves around creating and fulfilling certain fitness and nutritional goals in order to help you start enforcing correct eating habits, so you can shed those few extra pounds and ultimately become healthier than before. Once you input your weight loss goal, My Diet Coach will provide you with frequent reminders and motivational messages in order to help you achieve it. You can also track a few other things with it, such as your daily water intake (very important), vegetables, etc. Of course, as with almost every other nutritional app, there’s a calorie calculator and diet diary included which you can use to regulate your meals properly.

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