2016 Year In Review

2016 was a challenging yet rewarding year. It feels like "2013" when I cared zero about opinions of others and Haute People took off flying!

2016 was the year I put pride aside and finally ( finally ) asked for help! We counted and we went to over 50 Fashion Shows! That's a lot of Designers and a lot of Photos.


2016 was the year I tried many things that scared me ( kinda ) like taking an unplanned trip to Montego Bay to attend a Music Festival where I met Akon and Nico and Vince.


It was the year I created TWO Magazines , one Bridal and the other a Gift Guide and the launch of Haute People Lifestyle Magazine. In 2016 I was an exhibitor/sponsor for Kingston's biggest one Day Bridal Expo " Wedding Spectacular".


2016 was the year I went through health related issues and felt pain like I've never felt in my entire life.

This was the year I surprised my self by living in a new country and learnt so much about accepting a new culture and being 1st world status :-) It was the year I traveled and really really embraced life!

Below is a synopsis of 2016 (through photos ) Stay tuned for plans for 2017 as I believe this is my year to really do auh mazing things. I know that things will not always be happy and easy but I'm ready and willing to put the naysayers to bed and show people how "extra" I can be.

Photo Credits

Dale Stephenson Photography
Natasha Camille Photography


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