Trends to Leave Behind in 2016

The year 2016 was an interesting year in Fashion ... we saw Kylie Jenner launching Gold Pumas and Let's not forget that Kanye "Plastic" Shoe Trend ( in all fairness you can forget that one ) As we enter 2017 there are still some Trends that need to be left behind in 2016 and never re-surface.

Tights/ Unitards: Augh! Make it stop immediately! I typed in those two words and they came up with "Ballet " and "Dance". I guess in 2016 everybody is a Professional Dancer and or Ballerina. Let's take it back to High school or even Prep School Days in Jamaica. These tights were sold for $100 downtown and I remember I had one in almost every color and fabric! Thing is .. it was worn under skirts to not expose yourself. Today, this is the hottest thing around and they are being sold for ridiculous prices like $2500 JMD. Ladies, please put this one to bed with the covers rolled all the way up!

Bomber Jackets worn as Scarves: Everyone loves a Bomber Jacket ... they just exude "I'm Cool, Confident and a little Bad@$$". This trend popular in Sports has made it way into Street wear and we are not mad. What we are mad at is how people choose to wear these as scarves in the "crook" of their elbows. Isn't it uncomfortable to walk around like that always having to make sure it's in the perfect spot so it doesn't fall? It's quite simple really .. it's either it's on or off.

Fur Slippers: This trend was started by Rihanna when she launched her Puma Fur Slides and people took this one and ran with it! Let's stop running with this one and do away with the Fur Slippers. There are some trends that are evergreen and never go out of style , while some last for a while. Fur Slippers are one that were for a while. It's not made for you to wear everywhere and with everything especially formal outfits ... no joke I've seen this. If you really want to wear it , wear it as House Slippers at home , you will look so cute and trendy.

Baby Hairs on your Frontal: We have no issues with Hair as the great part of being a woman is that we can change our hair as often as we like :-) The Lace Frontal trend boom this year and will probably continue to boom as there will be better undetected versions. The thing we didn't care for is all that extra baby hurr at the front. We kinda know you don't have that much baby hair that magically grow in an "S" pattern , so let's keep the baby hairs at a minimal and wear your lace front proudly.

Challenges :  We feel that challenges are a huge distraction from big issues being hidden by the Government. Thing is, lot's of people don't know this and take part in all these challenges for no reason. Sure it's fun to take part in something and have it go viral ... but why are you doing it? How does it benefit your life? Sigh , let's think before we act and stop taking to everything we see on the Internet.

What are some trends you want to leave in 2016?



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