The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation Feed Orphans at the Maxfield Park Childrens Home in Kingston Jamaica

Maia Chung MD MCADF Shauna Fung Yee CEO Down 2 Earth Production
Tuesday December 13-2016 saw the first phase of the December 2016 Feeding outreach element of The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation.
This year’s efforts which involve feeding and supplying orphans and the homeless was embarked upon in collaboration with Down 2 Earth productions.

Some of the items donated by the various Corporate Sponsors
Maia Chung
According to Managing Director of the Foundation Maia Chung, Down 2 Earth significantly augmented the ability of the Foundation this year, to help the needy, by reaching out to several major corporate donors, to solicit aid for the programme. These new MCADF donors, as well as the consistent donors to the MCADF, resulted in a wider array of supplies and food, to disseminate. This says Chung means we will be and have already started to cover more ground for those in need.

Further Chung said, “without the efforts of the D2E team, our spread this year would not have been this big”.
Chief Executive Officer of D2E Shauna Fung Yee was successful in acquiring donations from Cal's Manufacturing, Dairy Industries Limited and Grace Kennedy for the Foundation’s outreach for orphans at Christmas. The three companies are renowned throughout the nation, for their high commitment to charity.
Among the items handed over were food items, cooking supplies, diapers and other essentials needed by the home to care for its 104 wards, over 40 of whom are babies.
The effort this year also included recording artist Veli of Fire Royal Records.
Veli represented the Foundation on the occasion of the handover. The event took place the grounds of the Home.

Veli Recording Artist MCADF Volunteer
The young artist, known for his songs such as Better Days joined the Foundation as a volunteer and along with the donation of his time to assist with Foundation activities of all types, also provided donations along with Corporate Jamaica and the MCADF itself…for the Maxfield Park Orphans Outreach.
According to Veli his music and outlook reflects upliftment, and he was encouraged to partner with the MCADF, an organization he says he has become acquainted with through media, that appears to hold a value system, he would like to present to the audience he is targeting.
Manager of The Maxfield Park Children's Home in Kingston Jamaica Winston Bowen (l) receiving goods from Veli for the home's wards

Manager of the Maxfield Park Children’s Home Winston Bowen received the donations on behalf of the home’s wards. Expressing his gratitude Mr. Bowen indicated that the needs are ongoing, especially with approximately 40 babies making up the Home’s population.

The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation is a regular donor to the home, under the auspices of its work as a non-profit and non-Governmental.
The next activity for the MCADF will be the feeding of the homeless on December 16-2016 in Kingston.

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