THE LIGUANEA ART 2016 FESTIVAL “The Artbeat of Jamaica”

Art in Jamaica has been kept alive with the “Artbeat of Jamaica” known as the 12th annual Liguanea 2016 Festival in Kingston, Jamaica. On Sunday, December 6, The Liguanea Plaza was noticeably decked out with the creative pieces of over 100 Artists; Artists with spectacular talent in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography and Jewellery. Jamaica’s premier outdoor art show was undoubtedly a prodigious one as well.
It is truly breath-taking how simple strokes of a brush or marks of a pen can create anything that your mind wants on a blank paper. Jamaican artist, Jeffrey Perry showcased both his paintings and drawings at his booth which was extremely alluring due to the fact that patrons were able to observe him draw human portraits.

“What is your definition of art?” I asked him. He said, “An expression as you see it”. Since Mr. Perry was a small boy in primary school, anything he saw that fascinated him was instantly transferred onto paper. Whatever he creates on paper, he hopes that it will satisfy anyone who sees it and in turn, that will satisfy and motivate him. 
Jeffrey Perry putting on a show for the patrons by drawing a human portrait from observation of a live model.
One of Mr. Perry's painting in the background

Sculptures take you down an opposite road of art. With sculpting comes tangibility, greater dimensions and the awareness of your environment. The Nicelys nicely showed how functionality and art could be merged through sculpting. They created unique and aesthetic pieces of furniture whose functions were simple and obvious but structures were complex and eccentric. A chair was not only made to be sat on but also made to adorn a room.

 Unique armchairs on display
Their pieces are made from different types of wood such as cedar, mahogany and guango and are built from scratch, keeping the wood as close as possible to its naturally grown state and protected with a shiny coating mixture that they blended themselves. The interview came to an emotional end as the Nicelys said that after finishing a piece, they grow such an attachment to it that they do not want to sell it. A matter of pure passion!

An exotic table with a single drawer and a hole at the top, supported by two feet
The art of photography involves merging imagination and reality to capture a moment in time. Fine Art Photographers, Nicole Brown and Craig Phang Sang both enjoy capturing wonderful moments through a camera lens.
On exhibit at Nicole’s booth were photos of cheerful and candid moments, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, historic Jamaican sites and Cuban architecture from the city of Santiago. She not only traveled the world, but also traveled through time, witnessing and capturing wonderful and historic sites and scenes. For Nicole, photography provides an avenue to educate people through storytelling and using her camera as the narrator. Like the saying says, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Effervescent and Candid photos on display at Nicole Brown's Booth

Craig Phang Sang wishes to leave behind a legacy that epitomizes his definition of art, “anything that inspires you, moves you and motivates you”. He wants to touch the hearts of the discerning audience that view his collection of 99% Jamaican imagery. The pieces commemorate the beautiful island of Jamaica in a way that the audience can relate to as well as remember for a lifetime.

Latest work from Craig includes photos of a painted man and woman.

A black and white photo taken of the seaside in Jamaica

For me, a festival that celebrates art is a festival that celebrates life. After all, art comes in many forms and represents reality, fiction, time, people and culture. The Liguanea Art Festival is truly the “artbeat of Jamaica”.

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