Spice up the Christmas Holidays and make it into something meaningful, festive, spiritual and cheerful with this guide of tips, tricks and hacks that you cannot forget while you celebrate Christmas with loved ones.

One way of getting into the Christmas spirit is with a Christmas music playlist. Start a Christmas playlist that you can listen to at home, at a Christmas party or even in your car. You can keep it classic with some Gladys Knight and Nat King Cole or keep it recent with some Michael Buble, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber.
Check out this playlist:  

Attending Church with loved ones is the perfect way to make the Christmas holidays more meaningful and spiritual. Take the time to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas day and to extend love and charity to all. 

Nativity Scene

Reserve a slot during the hectic holidays to give back to those who are less fortunate. There are many charity events which are held during the season where you can donate your time, talent and treasure to the needy.
Snowball fights and ice-skating are not the only ways to have fun outdoors at Christmas. Have a picnic at the beach or in a garden and feel the cool Christmas breeze while you drink a refreshing glass of ole time Jamaican sorrel or eat an ice cream. Dine out at restaurants with the family or go to a Christmas concert.

When entertaining guests at a gathering, keep the food exciting. Make some skewers with glazed ham, pineapple and cherries and serve some finger sandwiches with some spicy sorrel chutney. You can also serve some sweet treats like Christmas fruit cake squares, Christmas sugar cookies and sorrel popsicles.
If you would like to “veganize” your Christmas food, I recommend Suprisingly Sweet’s holiday themed vegan dessert box which is comprised of fruit cake, apple pie, maple-cinnamon glazed gingerbread muffins and chocolate-peppermint sandwich. Just writing about it makes my mouth watery.

Suprisingly Sweet's Holiday Themed Dessert Box

For the big Christmas feast, adorn your dinner table with glazed leg of ham, roast chicken or beef with gungo rice and peas, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, roasted vegetable medley and baked plantain with cinnamon and nutmeg. Beverages can include sorrel, eggnog or rum punch. Yummy! 

Christmas Fruit Cake and Sorrel

The Christmas vibes can be turned up even louder with Christmas decorations. Make your Christmas a more economical and greener one with real, fresh Christmas trees that leave your home smelling pleasant and beautiful arrangements of flowers like poinsettias and chrysanthemums. 

An arrangement of red poinsettias

You can also do fun and easy DIY activities at home with friends and family like sparkly painted branches and pine cones.

Sparkly painted branches

Sparkly painted pine cones

One of the hardest things to do in the Christmas season is coming up with a great gift for a relative or friend. Well, here are some unique gift ideas for what you can put under the tree. Purchase an investment portfolio in stocks and bonds, an essential oil kit or blend with ingredients such as orange and cinnamon, a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones or a chocolate gift box.

                                  Ferrero Rocher Chocolate boxes

                                                         + EPs' Premium Bluetooth Wireless earphones

With these tips, tricks and hacks, you will be on your way to having an amazing Christmas celebration with family and friends.
Consider this my Christmas gift to you! xoxo

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