8 Questions with Fashion Designer Heather Laine

Just in time for the Christmas Season, I sat down with the beautiful and talented ladies behind the Jamaican international fashion house, Heather Laine to talk about their 2016 Christmas Collection as well as their fashion brand that has managed to stay on the scene since its establishment some 20 years ago.
Here are 8 questions with Heather Laine:

1.       1. .How would you describe this year’s Christmas Collection?
This year, the Christmas collection is all about bright colours and a lot of loose fitting pants, long flowing skirts and dresses, and jumpsuits for casual and elegant occasions.

2.      2. How would you describe the woman that is wearing this collection?
She is a fashionable woman of the working class. She is sexy, confident, classy and sophisticated.

3.       3.What was your favourite part of designing the collection?
The satisfaction you get from seeing the finished product and seeing the clothes on the clients at fittings.

4.       4. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
It depends on our moods which change every day but we are also financially-motivated.

5.       5. What is the ideal place or atmosphere for you to work?
Peace, tranquillity and quiet with friendly and appreciative customers.

6.       6. How has the fashion industry evolved in Jamaica?
There are a lot more fashion designers coming out of Jamaica. However, everybody is also into overseas products and the clothes from Jamaican designers are not as popular in Jamaica as they are abroad.

7.      7.  What are some of the challenges you face as fashion designers?
Sometimes we have to deal with indecisive and fussy clients which will always be a part of the job.

8.       8. Define fashion in your own words.
Fashion is simply an explosion of happiness. It is colour, style and trends. It is something that we love to do.

This group of hardworking trendsetters have proven their passion for fashion, creating beautiful and exquisite lines of clothing every season. Their cheerful and easy-going characters truly come out in their work. The pieces in the collection are modern, tropical, effeminate, comfortable and vibrant. Shop their collection at http://www.heatherlaine.com/catalogue_5.html or visit their shop at 10 Lancaster Avenue, Kgn 10.

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