The 21st Annual Beauty and Fashion Trade Show

The 21st Annual Beauty and Fashion Trade Show & Expo was the place to be on Sunday, November 6 for all hairdressers, cosmetologists, beauty therapists, barbers and overall beauty and fashion enthusiasts like myself. Kudos to the National Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (NAHC) for not only, putting on a well-organized and vibrant show which celebrates its 21st anniversary, but also dedicating the celebration to The Jamaica Cancer Society.
The NAHC is a Jamaican organization of professional hairdressers, cosmetologists, beauty therapists and producers of health and beauty products which was founded in 1987. Their mission, as well as, their objectives highlights their principal purpose as a body and I had the opportunity to witness their work, contribution and progress to the beauty service industry in Jamaica through their Trade show and Expo. The event surely proved to be a successful tool in promoting and protecting the interest of practitioners in order to build a valuable beauty service industry that will develop Jamaica economically, culturally and socially.
As I drove into The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, New Kingston, there was already a semblance of excitement. Stylish women with unique hairdos and expressive outfits gathered outside the hotel doors with animated spirits, paying for their tickets to enter the venue. Setting foot into the exposition room, I was warmly greeted by a committee member who welcomed me into a bevy of enthusiastic patrons visiting a variety of beauty booths from hair care, makeup and fashion to skincare. I was so excited; I wondered where to start.


I decided to start off with fashion as a booth caught my eye displaying an array of simple and delicate sandals. The Shoan’s collections designed by Juliet Morgan is made up of what the designer described as comfortable and classy shoes with “no limitations”, a sandal for any and every woman that could be customized to their liking. The pieces are locally made up of predominantly suede and leather fabrics with vibrant colours and prints. Though her specialty lies within shoemaking, Juliet Morgan also had some handbags and jewellery on display to complement the sandals.

A woman poses for the camera wearing two sandals form the Shoan's Collections

A wide range of sandals displayed at the Shoan's Collections' booth
Adjacent to that booth, was a display of fine fashion accessories, all sourced by the owner who dubbed the collection Adornable. When asked how she chooses her pieces, she jokingly described herself as “selfish” due to the fact that she only sells her personal taste which she describes as classy, sophisticated but also eclectic. She went on to say that the pieces in the collection are unique and appealing.

The Adornable Collection

The centre piece displayed at the booth is the favourite, adorned with colourful beads of different shapes and sizes.


Students of the HEART College of Beauty Services showed off their artistic skills at their booth by applying Halloween inspired makeup on models. The soon to be professional makeup artists did a good job of drawing an audience and keeping them intrigued by the impressive motions used to achieve the dramatic looks and special effects.

One of the special effects looks executed by student, Samantha Edwards of the HEART College of Beauty Services.
Students of the HEART College of Beauty Services in action at their booth.

To take a break from the dramatic looks, I headed to a booth that dealt with simpler, everyday makeup. Lily’s Beauty Barn Beauty Supplies displayed a wide range of reasonable drug-store makeup products. The woman that was manning the station shared with me a few of her favourite tips and tricks to achieve a quick and easy everyday makeup look. Her look was simple with a pop of lip colour to energize her face.

She wears her recommended foundation, the L’OrĂ©al Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation, Soft Sable and she added a dark purple matte lip colour.


Hair! Hair! Hair! This aspect of the show outshone all other categories. Most booths had something to do with hair whether it be hair products like oils, shampoos and conditioners, hair extensions and wigs or hair tools. Workers manning the Bijoux booth rocked some crazy hairdos to attract patrons. There were long queues of patrons who stood by the Bijoux station just to take a photo before the poster promoting Bijoux’s Solo Green 100% human hair wigs and extensions which came in an array of different colours.

Big, colourful and crazy hairstyles being sported by Bijoux workers 
A Bijoux worker wears the Bijoux Solo Green 100% Human Hair in the 10" TTemerald.
Of course, pure excitement ran through me when I saw the booths for the natural hair gals like myself. I approached the managing director of Nya’s Jamaican Natural Hair care, Howard Lofters in order to find out more about his products. He zealously pointed me towards the Jamaican black castor oil and virgin coconut oil, all made from the castor beans and coconuts of local farmers. He also shared with me the benefits of his products and his aim to expand his market internationally.
Overall, the 21st Annual Beauty and Fashion Trade Show & Expo turned out to be a true success, one that supported a worthy cause. Patrons left the venue with bags of new goodies and appeased faces. As for me, I added a few more beauty products for my Christmas wish list by virtue of the new discoveries that I made at the Trade Show and Expo. It was an enlightening and wonderful experience.

A Fashion forward patron enjoying the trade show and expo.

Contributed By ZoAnne Tulloch

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