Social Media Weekly RoundUP | Fidel Castro Dies

It was an extremely busy week for us at the "House of Haute", there were Fashion Shows, Artisan Markets and more Fashion Shows! We did however manage to find all the stories that were #trending on Social Media this past week.

Fidel Castro Dies at 90

Fidel Castro was a Politician and Revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 - 1976 and then as President from 1796 - 2008. Castro died on Friday at the age of 90.  He is dubbed as one of the world's longest serving leaders and among modern history's most striking personalities.

"The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening," Raul Castro said in a solemn voice. - Raul Castro

He gave no details of the cause of death. He said his brother would be cremated early Saturday.

Kanye West Hospitalized

Ever since Kim K's robbery , things with Kanye just hasn't been the same. Maybe it was all those suppressed emotions from losing his family all those years ago. Whatever it was Kanye went in on former pal Jay-Z and where he publicly dissed him on several occasions. In a recent video of the Rapper at his concerts he publicly called out Jay-Z then announced that " the Press will have a field day and this concert is over " followed by a mic drop. There are so many bits and pieces to this story ... but we'll keep you posted.

The Game Ordered to Pay 7.3 Million in Sexual Assault Claim

"The Game" is just one of those seemingly nice guys who has all the opportunity in the world to do the right thing ... but always does the opposite ... always! This time he is involved in a sexual assault claim filed by "model" and Reality TV star Priscilla Rainey!  Rainey accused the game of groping her inappropriately and was "out of control". Acording to the game Rainey had worked as a prostitute and was also in a mental hospital which he cited as the explanation for his actions. Rainey sued the Game for 10 Million dollars and the court ruled in her favor and the game must pay $7.3 million dollars.

Celebrities Flock to Jamaica for Ocean Style Fashion Series

November is famous for Thanksgiving but here in Jamaica it is all about the Ocean Style Fashion Series. This event is held somewhere towards the end of November in the 2nd City of Montego Bay. It features a Lingerie Party , Icon Awards , Celebrity Golf Tournament , " Eyes Wide Shut" and the Ocean Style Fashion Showcase.



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