Mission Catwalk Finalist Andy Cummings launches new Male Shirt Collection

The Caribbean is known for beautiful Beaches and a plethora of talented people. In 2014, we were introduced to a talented young Designer by the name of Andy Cummings via Mission Catwalk. Andy entered the Fashion Reality Show in 2014 and made it to the final three and was also named " Most Promising Designer of the Year ".

Flash forward to 2016 and Andy is making his mark in the Fashion Industry with his new line which he launched a few months ago.

This line features a collection of Male Shirts which have an Afro- centric influence based on the Dashiki like style. The line made it's debut at Suriname Fashion Week and has since been featured in Guyana Times News. This line would be the perfect fit for the Fashionable male who has a bold fashion sense and not afraid of standing out. See below for the photos of the Collection.






About Andy Cummings

Born in the Ancient County of Berbice to Gail Ann Cummings and Terrence Cummings on May 01, 1993, Andy Anthony Cummings always knew he was artistic but never imagined that his talent would lead to a career in fashion.
He decided to hone his talent by enrolling at the E. R. Burrowes School of Art where he pursued a Diploma in Fine Art.  His hard work and dedication were recognized when he graduated in 2012 as the best student with a Major in Ceramic and a Minor in Textile Design and Textiles Construction.

He made inroads again when he became the first designer from Guyana to make it to the finals of the competition.  ´Mission Catwalk 2014´ was held in Jamaica and when Andy left the reggae island, he carried under his belt the title of ´´Most Promising Designer of the Year´´.  The year 2014 also saw him being featured in the magazine ´´Making Style´´ - a local magazine with circulation in the Caribbean.

Andy Cummings is well on his way to living his dream of being the best fashion designer that he could possibly be and will continue challenging himself to achieve the best things in the industry.  Andy sees himself as a ready-to-wear designer who believes that he is first an artist then anything else.  


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