Life Update + New Blog Schedule &More

Well hello there faithful , avid , supportive readers! We are almost at the end of the year and with that comes our brief Life Update :-)

Life Update

Just like everybody else we set some goals for the Blog as well as over-selves and we accomplished every one of them. I personally want to live in another country for awhile and surprisingly that actually happened ... I might share pictures about that and also something on Living in a New Country. We also wanted to cover more Events and thanks to talented Photographer Natasha Parkins and now Dale Stephenson we accomplished that.

JYP Fashion Directory | Dale Stephenson 
JYP Fashion Directory 2016 | Dale Stephenson
I was so afraid to ask for help to have a Photographer collaborate with Haute People but I put that aside and did it anyway. I also wanted to reach 1.5 million page-views by December we are now well over 1.6 million page-views! I also wanted to increase Social Media stats and while we did get a few new "Haute People" we did not hit the goal! However, the Klout score went up which shows that while we might not have a lot of followers people are in face engaging the posts by sharing and liking and mentioning our name.

New Blog Schedule

I have decided to post on Haute People now 4 times per week instead of daily to create more quality posts. Another reason for posting 4 times per week is because I have another Blog I launched which will focus on all things positive. I feel like things are so different for us creative people and we either don't have enough support or resources. This new blog is called "The Passion Project 2.0" and is a labor of love. Posts will be made to The Passion Project on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are also working on a live Event which will be all about Music and Social Media which will be launched in December! We thank you for the continued support as we continue to grow.




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