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Happy 2nd of November!! Christmas is just a few months away and we are beyond excited. As you can tell by the topic above , it's all about "How to Shop Like a Blogger". Ever noticed that with every Blogger you see , no matter how different they are , they all seem to have a few things in common?  Today We break it down for ya'! Keep reading to see how you can shop like a Blogger.

Good Jeans

We here at Haute People love Jeans! Jeans are a staple item for every closet for the fashion conscious and non fashion conscious! They are great because they can be dressed up or down and they are just comfortable! My choice of Jeans are the dark wash skinny Levi's. They fit really well , they go with everything and last really long! It is recommended that for longevity that you wash as little as possible ( that's gross ) so I like to wash mine in warm water to seal in that indigo die which prevents it from running , and it also gives that nice snug "new" fit!

A Jacket , Coat or Cardigan

 There is this one Jacket Coat thing that's in army green or khaki that I dub the official " Blogger Uniform" . Almost every Blogger has some variation of it and apart from it being trendy and fashionable it's functional. It's enough to keep us warm but light enough to not make us sweat! This piece is a must have for so many reasons. I have a Leather and Tweed version that I got on sale at a Fashion Night out 2 years ago and it still looks new.


Back then it was all about the Rebecca Minkoff  "Mac" and "Mini Mac" Bag and now it's all about the Chloe Bags. The thing we love about this bag is it's size and functionality. It's not a HUGE bag but it's not exactly small .... but! It goes deep so we are able to carry around a number of the most important stuff. The chain makes it easy to turn this from a shoulder bag to cross body in just seconds and you can go from day to night in a Jiffy. If the Chloe and Rebecca Minkoff Bags are out of your budget you can get the Christian Siriano Bag at Payless now for $15!!! I bought this one because you know I love me some Christian Siriano and I love "Cheap and Cheerful".

Signature Heels and or Flats

This is a perfect excuse to be glam or "street" Fashion Savvy ish . For the heels I like a Black or Nude pair as they go with everything and I like them to be open or pumps. You just cannot go wrong with either . Back in the day flats meant Ballet Flats but now flats are Sneakers. Thanks to Style Icon and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Sneakers are trending. Many brands like Puma and Adidas have introduced "The Lifestyle Sneaker" to their lines for everyday wear. Most Bloggers will have this in either Black , White or Gray or ever color! Sneakers are great if you have a long day of walking and doing errands as they give you the right amount of support and really cushion your feet.


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