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Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family in the United States of America and all the families who celebrate the day. We here at Haute People is all about living that dotcom type of life which means most of what we do is Online. Thing is ... most of the people we connect with is not Online and we need to connect with them "Offine". Keep reading to see one of the ways we connect with our audience Offline.

Pop-Up Shops & Expos

One of the ways we were able to connect Offline is by participating in "Pop-Up" Events , Expos and Fairs. The first one we are about of earlier in the year was "Kingston Bridal Week". We were afforded the amazing opportunity to partner with them to celebrate 5 years with them as an Event. We are poised and ready to be participating in our 2nd in collaboration with Apparel and More. Apparel and more is a long standing custom Design Business located at 8 Musgrave Road in Kingston. The main aim of the Event is to connect with Businesses and People and the area to make them aware of services offered by various businesses and Artisans. 

How We Prepare : We believe that when you decide to take your Online Business Offline , there must be a goal or something you hope to get out of it. One of our main goals is to appeal to a wider audience and also to promote our "Social Media Management " Packages and our Photography Services. As a creative company we try our best to use the resources we have and keep things as low budget as possible. TIP: If you decide to use use Flyers , stick to a minimum of 100. People are known to throw Flyers after seconds of reading them which is like throwing your money away. Invest in items like Pens since they get passed around and people will eventually call you sometime later to inquire.


Please, Please always do post Event follow-ups! The take-away should be greater than the investment you put in to showcasing at the Event. Some Event Organizers will turn over a "Lead List" with the other Businesses, Sponsors and patrons that took part in the Event so be sure to add this list to your database. Don't be afraid to call patrons and businesses if you received contact numbers. As long as you are not being a nuisance , follow -up can be beneficial provided that you do it.

Support the Craft & Business Fair Monday November 28 , from 8 A.M - 6 P.M at 8 Lady Musgrave Road Kingston



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