Food X Fashion at 2016 MoDA Market

Mo · DA
1.      the trend, style and fad.
Origin: derived from the French word “mode”

On Saturday, November 19 at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston Jamaica, keeping up with the latest trends and styles was made easy with MoDA Market. It is the ideal forum for Fashion Designers, Artisans and varied Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and the United States to promote their creations and for shoppers to discover and purchase them.
The experience was spectacular. I was in no way disappointed and the faces of the many patrons that attended the event seemed to share my thoughts. This read will take you on a small expedition of my experience at the expo of all things trendy and stylish. I decided to chronicle the two “F”s, Food and Fashion.


Under MoDa Eats was a booth perfect for patrons with a sweet tooth. Rebecca Karram, a graduate of culinary school started the company; Until We Eat Again 1 ½  year ago to make delightful homemade treats such as Candied Coconut, Meringue Kisses, Raisin Scones, Hot Fudge Sauce and the bestseller, Old Fashioned Fudge, which tasted like heaven in my mouth. And for a complementary beverage, Rebecca recommends a cup of coffee. Sounds perfect to me!

 The House Favourite: Delicious Old Fashioned Fudge

A wide range of sweet treats were on sale at the Until We Eat Again booth.

Health and Wellness is no doubt a trend in today’s world and Sharon Feanny does the perfect job of highlighting how delicious eating healthy can be with her line of high vitality foods. She described her homemade protein bars, herbed avocado hummus, raw cacao energy bombs and flax seed crackers (Just to name a few) as “real powerful food”. Her mantra underlines just how real and powerful her food is: Live Fit. Live Life. Live LOVE!

 On sale at Sharon Feanny's booth were her signature hemp protein breakfast bars, flax seed crackers and groovy granola.

Patrons were given samples of her products to taste.


From runway to retail, Courtney Washington’s collection is meant to suit the classic, modern and sexy yet sophisticated woman. He incorporates vintage styles and exuberant colors and patterns into his designs to create contemporary pieces that make bold statements. The designed pieces evoke a sophisticated sex appeal, while remaining conscious of a woman’s figure.

 A simple, classic and modern dress designed by Courtney Washington.

A fabulous sheer dress with an exuberant pattern design by Courtney Washington

Experiencing a life-changing event, Kaysian Bourke created her very own fashion brand, Flowerchild1999. As a beach lover and yogi, she designed a resort line that was meant to “glamourize beach life” with tropical, bohemian dresses, swimsuits, bags and even yoga mats. Relaxed, loose-fitting and comfortable best describe the dresses that were on show.

A woven beach bag with leather straps by Flowerchild1999

Glamorous mats for the beach by Flowerchild1999
I walked the entire marketplace for hours, just to be certain that I did not miss out on any alluring goodies on display. The market showcased an array of different themes and merchandise. Patrons not only enjoyed food and clothing, but also accessories, home, art and beauty. We also got to listen to various informative presentations from the Scotiabank Group.
It was a day well spent with delectable food, trendy fashion and unique goodies. For those who did not get the chance to attend the event, I hope this read kept you a bit more in the loop. You’re welcome!

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