7 Questions with Fashion Designer Rhion Romany

For quite some time, this alumnus of Queen’s Royal College has been an ardent admirer of and inspired by well-known local & international fashion impresarios, who have fine-tuned their skills to transform and enhance the global meaning of style to suit ever-changing social trends. A Caribbean climate of inspiration allowed Romany to channel his natural ability of selecting edgy, contemporary designs for his clients via his wildly successful retail boutique, KrAze. The stirring of his honed design talent, however, came with the successful launch of his exclusive swimwear collection for summer for Crop over 2012. A mere 2 years later, the young designer has amassed a sizable Fan base, as well as glowing praises from his peers in the industry. The experience also served as a constant state of creative awakening: it challenged the daring 24 year-old to nurture & explore the untamed arena of fashion design. For Rhion, design inspiration is easily motivated by the evolution of the Trinidadian social lifestyle. His productions draw real-time references from the spaces that he occupies, and he takes pride in the progress of his generation that continue to reciprocate creative avenues that keep fashion trends unique, relatable and current. 

H.P: What are 3 words people use to describe "Rhion Romany"
R.R: Bold. Edgy. Timeless.

H.P:What sparked your interest in Fashion?
R.R: I always had an eye for fashion from young. It was in 2012 when I opened a retail women's boutique that I realized what women needed that still wasn't easily accessible to them. It was at that moment I decided to try my hand at it.

H.P: Take us back to the very first item you ever created ....
R.R: I was working on the core team of the events management company Caesar's Army at the time and they were about to do a trip to Cropover with a number of Trinidadians. They normally would release a line of stylish bikinis to be included in the packages but that year the designer who normally did it was unavailable. Pressed for time we decided that I would try, so I did. It was a hit!

H.P: Tell us about the Collection you will be showcasing in Jamaica?
R.R: "Murder She Wrote" is the theme of my Resort 2017 Collection. I will be showing more of the body wear pieces but it will be a perfect mix of resort and body wear. 

The pieces tell a story about a woman who is sophisticated yet stylish but realized that she became bored and yearned for more. She found herself in the lights of the camera and took beautiful risks and became a "bad gyal". Find you a girl that can do both. Both sophisticated and a "bad gyal". 

H.P: Where do you find inspiration for your Designs?
R.R: I find inspiration in absolutely anything in my everyday life but mainly from the women that surround me. My mother and best friends have influenced every collection to date. Some pieces I have named after them.

H.P: Tell us about a Typical Day in your Life
R.R: I wake up. Try to go the gym (seldom happens lol). Head to the workshop. Stress myself out. Meet with clients. Fit clients. Stress myself out some more. Grab dinner. Drinks. Sleep. On weekends, I pump. Hard. Lol

H.P: Finish the sentence ..." I cannot live without my ...
R.R: I cannot live without my mother. At times life gets so hectic that you question your purpose. I am happy to have someone who believes in me and loves me unconditionally and reminds me of my value and purpose everyday. Not everyone has a parent who believes in their career path and as a young black man designing for women I am grateful for her.



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