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We are back for another exciting week of Social Media Weekly RoundUP! This week things were not as exciting as previous weeks but we did some digging and found some stuff. P.S This is not a Gossip Site ... just trending topics ( on Saturdays )

Jaheim Has a Bad Hair Day

If you are not a child of the 90's or wasn't really into music in the early "2000" , you probably have no idea who Jaheim is or even care about his photo. Long story short he was an R&B Singer known for his "thuggish" look and sweet voice and soulful lyrics. Many people might know him for his hit "Put that Woman First". Anyway , after an hiatus Jaheim made a comeback this week with a rather interesting "do".

It's like a press and curl + sportin waves came together ... then took his hairline and ran! Lordt! Social Media had a field day and he had more Memes than he had hit songs :-)

Final Presidential Debate

First of all , I had no idea who won or why I watched as long as I did. Before I get into it ... why do they always dress the same? Same Suit with Red Tie and Same "Smart Strong" Pantsuit. Anyway , this debate was one of the funniest ... I kinda felt Donald won the "Immigration" section even though his answer/solution was the same and Hilary won the other sections. We are kinda still waiting for Donald to declare his Tax Statements.

On to the next story!

Spice Performs at Uptight Event

While I'm not at home to get the full scoop on this one ... It has been all over Social Media all week long. There was a massive event put on to honor the Jamaican Athletes who took part in the previous Olympics. Since it's an event , of course there are performances one of which was a gospel Artiste Kevin Downswell. Everybody was in high spirits feeling blessed and inspired ... all of a sudden here comes Spice a raunchy Dancehall Artiste. During her performance her mic was conveniently switched off after-which she proceeded to sing Acapella. The Video shows the audience in shock .. with mouths wide open! While this might have been a bad idea to schedule artistes of two completely genres right after the other ... this is great Marketing and Publicity for Spice. All those uptight people certainly now know who she is.

Blac Chyna + Kylie Jenner Subtle Shade

Imagine you had a theme party for your Son ... then your Son's Father and his current girlfriend threw a similar party! I must admit this was sooooo funny yet creepy! Those Kardashians/ Jenners go really hard when they try to out do people.

Can we talk about how uncomfortable Kris looked in the Blac Chyna Picture? At least she went and wore full black Sources say a spy tipped off the Kardashian/Jenner clan about the theme of the party. #whodoesthat


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