How to Be Fashionable for Fall

Happy Monday to you all! You know we love a new week here at Haute People as it gives us the chance to correct any mistakes we made last week and the way forward for the week ahead. We love Fall and while dressing for Fall can be tricky for some; we are here as your guide to help you select the best pieces.

Fall Colors

Every Fall without fail , there is a designated "Fall Color". This color is usually darker or a solid color like white that we might often forget is an actual color. The color for this Fall is ......... (drum roll please ) Blue! There are a wide range of the shades of blue that you will notice that goes from light to dark. If you truly want to be fashion forward , look for a Blue that is as ashy as grey!

Shoe Trends


Since it's not quite Winter (maybe it is where you are ) you need something that covers your feet more than a sandal but less than knee high boots. Enter the ankle boot! I'm not a sucker for trends ( surprise , surprise ) but these Boots from Michael Kors really pulled me in. I call them my hipster boots as they look super cool and they are functional. These Boots are available in a number of Colors and Material from Patent Leather to Suede.

A Little Layer

If you have been paying attention to Trends you would have been bombarded with the Bomber Jacket! There are some of these Jackets that are just for show and won't keep you warm while there are some that offer a little warmth that will make you feel snugly. I would say pay special attention to the hardware like zippers and studs as these are the determining factors in the price you will pay for the jacket.

Good Jeans

Not the biological kind :-) A good fitting pair of Jeans is your best investment for the season as this will take you into Winter and beyond. Personally , I like to stay away from Jeans with flowers and patterns and opt for a darker Jean as I can dress it up or down. Plus! people will never know it's the same pair all the time , unless they are really nosy or Fashion Police. Get a great pair of Jeans and you will be set for the season. TIP: Be sure to fit the Jeans as different brands and styles fit differently.

Make it Personal

With all these "trends" people tend to forget to add their own personal touch! Who wants to blend in with the crowd and look like they are wearing a uniform? No one! Don't be afraid to add your personal touch and stand out from the crowd.


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