Best Tips for Observer Takes Style Out 2016

In Jamaica , there is no "Fashion Week" in the month of September instead we have "Takes Style Out" which our our Irie version of the NYFW inspired series of events. We are at Haute People love all things Fashion and of course scoring great deals, so we've picked up a few tips along the way to help you get the most out of TSO.

Arrive Early

Whether you plan to drive , walk or take public transport arriving early is beneficial in so many ways. You get to see the good stuff before anybody else and you will not have to deal with the crowds. Most stores will start their Sales as early as 4 P.M so be sure to get there when the "getting is good".

Pick Stores Wisely

There are some people who go to TSO for the excitement of it and never buy actually buy anything. For the serious shoppers with a plan in mind , decide before you leave home the top 3-5 stores you must visit. Always on our list is Flirt Boutique ( UpTown ) Collectibles ( both locations & Shoes ) HWT & Lee's (HWT ) These stores are more on the expensive side but they have nice quality items so you know that you are getting great pieces.

Inspect Before Purchase

I know that you are probably excited to shop , shop , shop but as a Consumer it is your right to inspect items before you buy them. Some of the items on Sale are mainly items that did not sell well so they might be on shelves and store rooms for quite some time and might be slightly deteriorating.  Not to throw shade at any stores but let's keep it real , they store owners might not even know so be sure to properly look at your items before you buy them.

Watch your Pockets

It is now the time to be vigilant! Get your heads out of Phones ... look up and pay attention to your surroundings. Pick Pockets have come to work and best believe they do not intend on going empty handed! Only go into Bags and Pockets when needed and never have money on clear display ( like shirt pockets ) for all to see. NCB usually has prizes and promotions for those who use their Cards ... so if You have an NCB Card .. walk with it?

Group Up

"The more the merrier" whether you are going to TSO for the excitement or to shop , things are more fun and safer when it's more than one person. Call up your guys and girls and have a grand old time.

TSO is a one Shopping Event where stores all across offer discounts. TSO start on Thursday October 27 , 2016

Haute People will  be on the scene at Devon House as the JYP "Fashion Directory" Fashion Show so be sure to check it out and smile for our Lens.


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