Behind the Seams : Latonya Styles of DanceJa Studios

Today we have a special series of "Behind the Seams" as we will be interviewing the honorees of Queens of Reggae island Honorary Ceremonies  QORIHC ) 2016 which will be held this Sunday at Courtleigh Auditorium at 7.P.M. QORIHC  is an Award Show that under the distinguished patronage of the mayor of Kingston - Dr Angella Brown Burke, will honor eight females in the Arts and Entertainment fraternity of Jamaican culture receive well deserved recognition for their years of service and dedication. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with renowned Jamaican Female Dancer Latonya Styles of DanceJa Studios.

H.P: Who are some of your Dance Inspirations? Locally & Internationally?
L.S: My Dance Inspirations locally include almost all of the Jamaican Dancehall street dancers as they all have their own raw / natural / unique style. I admire the Original DHQ Carlene and 1999 DHQ winner Denise "DHQ Stacy" CumberlandMy role model would be Dr. L'Antoinette Stines

H.P: Do you have a Fitness Routine? Walk us through it
L.S: My fitness Routine would be dancing as often as possible. Routinely, I teach a Dance Fitness class at Chai Studios every Tuesday and at DanceJa Skool on Wednesdays. I recently started Training 4 times a week at a Strength & Conditioning Facility and now trying to focus on my Nutrition and body fat reduction.

H.P: How did "DanceJa Studios" come about?
L.S: The DanceJa Studio opened it's doors in December 2012 upon my return from my first annual Russia & Europe Tour. Although DanceJa Movement existed already via website since 2006, I decided to create an official / physical space with appropriate dance floor and mirrors, to facilitate developing the technique and skills of our Jamaican street dancers, while providing job opportunities for them to teach, perform, judge, etc. in Jamaica and touring overseas. The foreigners play a major role in the success of the business as it is mainly them that are interested in learning the Authentic Jamaican Dance Styles and Culture.

H.S: What are you passionate about outside of Dancing?
I am a water lover (the beach, river, pool, water falls) I am passionate about swimming and taking adventures to discover nature, attractions and hot spots. I LOVE Kids, Music, Quotes and my Computer.

H.S:How does it feel being an Honoree at QORIHC 2016?
L.S: It feels great being an Honoree at the QORIHC 2016. I am humbled and grateful that someone has recognized our contribution to the Jamaican Entertainment Industry, respects our work and would like to show us love and support in a prestigious manner. FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!!!! #QUEENPOWER


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