Behind the Seams: " Dancehall Queen" Carlene Smith

Today we have a special series of "Behind the Seams" as we will be interviewing the honorees of Queens of Reggae island Honorary Ceremonies  QORIHC ) 2016 which will be held this Sunday at Courtleigh Auditorium at 7.P.M. QORIHC  is an Award Show that under the distinguished patronage of the mayor of Kingston - Dr Angella Brown Burke, will honor eight females in the Arts and Entertainment fraternity of Jamaican culture receive well deserved recognition for their years of service and dedication. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with THE First Queen of Dancehall , Carlene Smith.

H.P: Take us back to the "90s Dance hall Era" and tell us about your first Dance Competition
C.S: The first Dance hall competition was Uptown versus Dance hall, so Dance hall clashed Uptown and won.

H.P: Where/How did you learn to dance?
C.S  Well I didn't learn to dance, I think that was just part of who I am and as a Jamaican I think all Jamaicans have rhythm. So if you really like something you go about it however way possible but I didn't do any formal training or anything like that.

H.P:  How has Dance hall Competitions changed since the 90's?
C.S: I'm not certain how Dance hall competitions changed since the 90's because I never did "Dance hall on Dance hall". I always did Dance hall and something else; Hip hop, Calypso, Uptown, everything else but Dance hall. I don't clash Dance hall with Dance hall. I defend and represent Dance hall so I would never go against Dance hall.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ...
C.S: I cannot live without my daughter Chrystal.

H.P:  How does it feel being an Honoree at QORIHC 2016?
C.S: Oh gosh, Its a humbling feeling, I am very honored to know somebody or an organization has thought of me. I have put the work in for 24 years and I'm still current. I still do things in Dance hall although I have evolved into other stuff but I'm so honored. I'm really appreciative of it and I look forward to it on Sunday. So yes I am very special and I feel very special that they thought of me.


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