Behind the Seams: Audrey Farquharson | Dancehall Fashion Designer

Today we have a special series of "Behind the Seams" as we will be interviewing the honorees of Queens of Reggae island Honorary Ceremonies  QORIHC ) 2016 which will be held this Sunday at Courtleigh Auditorium at 7.P.M. QORIHC  is an Award Show that under the distinguished patronage of the mayor of Kingston - Dr Angella Brown Burke, will honor eight females in the Arts and Entertainment fraternity of Jamaican culture receive well deserved recognition for their years of service and dedication. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Dancehall Fashion Designer Ms. Audrey Farquharson.

H.P: How did you get started?
A.F: Dancehall has always been at the forefront of my career. As my friend and I were avid Dancehall goers, and as such, I would purchase fabric for her to make outfits for both of us. She was a dressmaker, but she would always sew her outfits and not sew or finish mine; which would anger me and I was forced to take my outfits. I would undo the stitchings, then use them as a guide to cut new outfits out of my Fabric. Then, as time went by, I acquired a sewing machine and the rest, as the saying goes, "is history"!

H.P: Tell us about your Creative Process?
A.F: There quite a few things involved at it relates to my creative process ,first of all I do not have formal training in designing but I'm very talented and very good at what I do ,I create my own designs ,I'm definitely not a copy cat,I love to sit and experiment on Fabric.

H.P: What does the day in the life of a "Dancehall Fashion Designer" look like?
A.F: A day in the life of Designer can be very hectic at times ,I have really slow days but, when there are big events I have sleepless nights especially black and white affair I might have about 2 dozen dresses in that party.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ...
A.F: What can't I live without that would definitely be my sewing machine.

H.P: How does it feel being an Honoree at QORIHC 2016?
A.F: Being an honoree ,I'm definitely proud and elated with great humility to take this award knowing that someone has recognized my hard work and my hard work paid off. 


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