7 Things to do to be CHEERFUL

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If you are an avid reader of this Blog , you are used to something Business or Blog related on a Tuesday. Today however , we wanted to do something a bit different because we were inspired to talk about this :-) Read below to see small steps you can take to be cheerful.

1. Start Walking: No , I don't mean leave your Car to walk ... that would be crazy , ain't nobody got time for that! Penn State University researchers reported that the more physically active you are , the greater your excitement and enthusiasm will be. Taking 3 walks per week can have a dramatic change in your mood.

2. The 20 Min Replay: If you love journaling or writing you will love this little ...hack. Writing for 20 minutes about a positive experience can change your mood. Thing is .. while you are writing about the moment , you are re-living it.

3. Random Acts of Kindness: In today's society people are lovers of themselves which makes it hard to be kind. Scientists have found that doing something kind [ randomly] provides a momentary increase in one's well being. If you go to the Supermarket , why not randomly pay for another person's groceries?

4. Unplug Completely: Guys , this is the best thing you can do ever! It will put your mind at ease and put you in a more cheerful mood. Downtime helps us to recharge for the next day. How about getting off Social Media for awhile or putting your Phone on Airplane mode after Dinner.

5. Practice Makes Perfect : If there is something you are passionate about and good at ... perfect it! The more you do it , the better you will become and the more you will learn! Say yes to growth and practicing at your craft.

6. Meditations: When I hear meditation I always think about sitting on a poofy pillow with my thumb and index fingers touching and eating Kale ( don't judge) There are several ways to meditate but the main premise is to empty your mind of everything negative for a few minutes and really be in tune with your inner self. Researchers believe that parts of the Brain associated with compassion and self awareness grew while parts associated with stress sank when people meditate.

7. Be Grateful: Throughout the day , always give thanks for the small and great things that happen. If you can be happy with simple things , then it will be simple to be happy. If you can , get a journal and call it your "Gratitude Journal " and write things down. If you are feeling a bit down look at the things you wrote down and all those things will weigh out the bad.

We here at Haute People is about growth and positivism. Please try to be nice to people , you never ever know what a person is going through and you could say something that sends another person over the edge. Be Nice!


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  1. I love this post! I am naturally a happy person abd it bothers me when i'm not happy. I've found writing in a journal and going on walks are great ways to clear the mind of clutter and be happy. Great post!


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