The White Sneaker Trend of 2016

When the Stiletto Queen Victoria “Posh” Beckham traded in her High Heels for White Sneakers, Instagram went into frenzy!

The year 2016 is the year of the White Sneakers! Gone are the days when Sneakers were limited to athletes and sports fanatics. Several sneaker brands have designed the “Lifestyle Sneaker” which can be worn everyday with different outfits and many fashionistas and “Sneaker Heads” have opted for the White Sneakers.

I know you are probably thinking White Sneakers are pretty basic and boring, but I am here to tell you they are anything but that. The great thing about white is that it goes with everything and it offers a classic and sleek look and can easily be accessorized.  How does one accessorize a white sneaker you might ask? Laces of course! All you do is purchase laces in different styles and colours and it will seem as if you have several pairs of sneakers when it’s just one. I’m just getting into the sneaker game myself and I came across a unique website called LacesXOut where they specialize in Laces. The great thing about the website is that they have an extensive catalogue of laces to choose from so I can guarantee that there is something there for everyone … even the hard-core “Sneaker Head “.

How to Style Up Your White Sneakers
Blk x White "Rope" Laces
LacesXOut offers laces compatible with Jodans , Nikes , Newbalance  Reebok and so much more! Their hot sellers are the Blk x White “Rope” Laces which usually sell out in just a few hours. I would recommend getting them as soon as you see them or as they say “If you snooze, you lose”.

Light Green Mint Shoelaces

All you have to do is grab a few pairs of these and you are set to go! If you are like me and is just getting Into the Sneaker Game and is not looking to buy 10 pairs of shoes … all you have to do is buy several pairs of laces and you are well on your way.  You can co-ordinate them with your outfits, occasion and even your mood. If you are more of an eccentric or outgoing type, stand-out from the crowd and get something that has multiple colors and patterns.  If you have an old pair of White Sneakers, give them a “facelift” with colourful laces … thank me later.

L-R GiGi Hadid | Kendall Jenner | Victoria Beckham

A-list celebs like Kendall Jenner and GiGi Hadid show us that the White Sneaker Trend can not only be cool but functional and is here to stay for a few more seasons.  Get in on the trend and don’t let F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) get you!

The Laces Out Story
“Laces Out” started when my girlfriend spilled coffee on my Air Jordan 1s, covering the sneaker’s body and staining the laces.
I was able to lean the body of the sneaker with some products around my apartment, but the laces were ruined. It’s incredibly difficult to remove stains from white shoelaces, and to be honest, it’s not worth the effort.
So, I went online to find a pair of replacement laces….I found nothing. Not a single vendor that sold the exact size, length and shape as the OG sneaker.
I’m a sneakerhead – I refuse to put laces into my OG kicks that aren’t the exact same.

I shared this story on Facebook and things snowballed. A small Amazon store turned into this incredible online community dedicated to lifestyle and sneaker culture.

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