Skincare Tips for ALMOST 30 Year Olds

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Welcome to Haute People Skintastic Week 2016! We did this last year and it got lots of love ( and views ) and we've decided to bring it back. For this entire week , it will be all about skincare and generally how to love our skin! Keep reading as we jump into our first post :-)

It is believed that the aging process start as early as 18 ... yes you heard that right while you are still in your teens. Depending on your ethnicity and skin type you might even start to see the early signs of aging which include fine lines and wrinkles. For my ladies who are in their mid to late 20's our skin changes quite rapidly and if you don't start caring for it , you could end up looking 10 times older than your actual age. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking fleeky!

Moisturize: Visible signs of aging first occur on your face! As we approach that 30 mark , we start to loose the elasticity in our skin and you will find your skin looking a bit dry. The solution is simple .. moisturize! Be sure to look for a moisturizer that have an SPF built into the formula.

Stay Hydrated: I am not a water drinker nor do I believe water has magical powers! I did, however, try that 30-day water challenge and I must admit I saw where my skin looked fresh! ( As if I needed to look any younger ) Our bodies are about 70 % water and that means we need to drink water to keep our cells and other organs functioning the way they are meant to. Your water intake depends on your lifestyle and your weight, drinking 8 glasses of water is not recommended for everybody ... literally.

Maintain a Balanced Diet: What you put in your body will reflect on the outside of your body, you know that part people see! If you are eating fast food every day and things loaded with cholesterol, your pores will get clogged and believe me it will show on your skin. You might end up with saggy skin and that raccoon look under the eyes. Try to incorporate fruits and veggies and ensure that you are getting a little bit of everything from the various food groups.

Wear Sunscreen Everyday: Wait ...what? Ladies, stay with me on this one. Our skin is not made for direct exposure to the sun. Direct exposure to the Sun causes age spots and nobody wants that! Another plus to wearing sunscreen every day is that it won't allow your skin to get dried out when you go out in the sun!

Find a Good Dermatologist: I know what you are thinking "augh , that will cost me money", Maybe it will ... maybe it won't. As you approach that 30 mark , your skin will need extra TLC and you might need professional care. This is where regular facials and treatments will come in that will help with any problem areas you might have.

Turning 30 is definitely not scary and is inevitable. As women, we should understand that for every age and stage of our lives our skin will change and need special care and attention. Let us truly spend the time to look after our skin after-all, it is the largest organ.

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