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Gone are the days when people would opt out of wearing Prescription Glasses as they were not as Fashionably designed as the ones today.  I changed my glasses this week to a pair of lovely "Fashionable" glasses thanks to the kind folks at and I would like to share with you a few tips on purchasing prescription glasses online.

About My Glasses

The pair of Glasses I received were the Tempe Rectangle -Tortoise /Clear and let me tell you I wanted something a bit more sophisticated , trendy and functional all in one and these were all that plus more. The best thing about the website is that they have a wide selection of Glasses ( including prescription sunglasses ) so there is a lot to choose from. These glasses are a true embodiment of what my style is right now as it has a sleek and sophisticated design.  My eyesight is really bad so I added several things to my prescription like anti-glare and bi-focal which make my old paid of glasses heavy , but these are so light! I literally have to touch my face or look in the mirror to remind myself that I'm wearing Glasses.

Things to Consider When Buying Glasses Online

How soon do you need the glasses and how long is shipping? While shopping for glasses online can be fun as you don't have to leave your home, it can be quite challenging. A great idea is to visit sites online like and read up about their frames , lenses and coating available then make your decisions from there. The one thing I wanted in my glasses were the style , I wanted something that was sophisticated , clean and could be worn with a number of outfits. I dedicated 45 minutes to go through the website, read the specs then made my decision.  I would also recommend that you talk to your Doctor before making the purchase to ensure that the selection you make will be beneficial to you and your eyesight. I have my prescription on hand because I'm not  a stranger to purchasing glasses online so that is something you should do as well. If you wear prescription glasses and do not have your prescription on hand , then this option is not for you ... how will you be able to see?

Please , Please check the retailers' credibility! Before I commit to making any purchase , I always research the website and what other people who made purchases are saying. The worst thing is ordering glasses online then not having them show up or getting the wrong pair.

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