Knowing When to Monetize Your Blog

If this is your first time landing on this Blog ... Tuesdays are when we get to Business ... the Blogging Business that is. I help you get on your feet and provide you with the necessary tips and tools to be on your way of becoming a better Blogger and also how to monetize your Blog. Since you already know today's topic, let's jump into it shall we!

Knowing when to monetize your Blog depends on the goals you set out for yourself. As I always say like a drill sergeant , Content is Key! The focus should always be on creating great Content .  I started to monetize my Blog after reaching the 20,000 page-view mark but that might be different for you because of so many factors. One of those could be your Social Media presence; I know Bloggers who have 5,000 page-views and over 50,000 followers on Instagram and they are able to monetize. Once you decide when to monetize you need to know how. There are so many ways to monetize your Blog ( which I talk about in My Blog Course ) For the purpose of this post , I will list a few of them.

BANNER/TEXT/LINK-BASED ADS : I like to call this the 50/50 . Bloggers can sign up with Ad Agencies like Google Adsense , Chitkia , Skimlinks and Infolinks. These websites might take a % of whatever the Ad is worth , then the rest is for you. This might sound like a small amount going in but it will all add up eventually. Be careful where and how you place these Ads to avoid "Buyer Confusion" and also so that your Blog does not look cluttered.

AFFILIATE SALES: Have you ever visited a Blog and saw Big name Brands on the side bar and wondered how they got that? Its called an Affiliate link and is like you work for the company without actually working there to sell items on their behalf. This is great for a Blogger with a large audience or one that is Niche focused . In order to be a part of an Affiliate Network , all you have to do is apply; visit your favorite site like Forever21 , scroll all the way to the end of the Page where you will see Affiliate. For a wider selection of Brands you can visit websites like Commission Junction and ShareASale where you get the option of choosing between Text , Photos or Both to integrate into your website.

SELLING AD SPACE: This is where you give space to Brands usually in the side bar to advertise their Products or Services at a price set by you each month. The price you set is dependent on you each month. The price you set is dependent on your page-views , social media following and the size of the Ad. Typical Ad Sizes are 250x250 etc. Please see examples below .

BLOGGING NETWORKS: Since Blogging became "major" in 2011 there are companies who work with BIG NAME COMPANIES such as Maybelline , Best Buy and CoverGirl who are looking to work with BLOGGERS! How awesome is that? Of course there are certain requirements from you to qualify, but if you follow the steps listed earlier you will be a "shoe-in". These networks look at things like Page-views , Social Media , Quality Content & Original Photos. Be sure that your Blog & Social Media is at a certain level before applying to avoid disappointment You can make anywhere between $25 -$1,000 per Brand depending on the Campaign you land. BLOGGING NETWORKS ARE : Socialite , Social Fabric , Linquia , Blog to Brand , Tap Influencers , BlogHer , Clever Girls ,Glam/Mode ,iConnect , The Shelf and eBuzzing. Most of the Brands you get to work with from the Blogging Networks will have a guide with specific information. Essentially, the Blog post will be in your own words and opinions.

All this and more will be in my re-launched Blog Course that will be released in the form of an Online Blog Course & E-Book at the end of the year ( or sooner ) I want to ensure that the material is relevant and can be used to help people grow & monetize their Blogs. Please be on the look out for that as I will be shamelessly promoting the heck out of it until I sell 1,000 copies.


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