How to STAY Motivated to Blog

Blogging can be fun, rewarding and even profitable. Once you decide to take things more seriously , you will lose the urge to Blog at Times. We are all human ( hopefully ) and there are times you just want to lay in bed and do nothing! We are here to give you tips on how to stay motivated to Blog on those lack luster days.

Stock Blog Posts: When I'm having a great , highly motivated day I like to stock up on Blog Posts. This is a great idea as all you have to do on a bad day is simply hit publish and you are good to go! Tip: Stocking Blogs is also great if you will be travelling. Remember , If you miss a few days Blogging , you lose your audience , page views and share-ability.

Set Goals: Believe it or not , goals help me to stay motivated! If I set a goal I know that I will have to work hard ( bad day or not ) to ensure I follow through. If I don't follow through with my goals I have nobody but myself to blame.

Find your Stressor/Trigger: Why are you not motivated to Blog? Is it a specific time/day of the Week? If you know why you are not motivated to Blog , then you can nip it and do the opposite. My least motivated Blog Day is a Thursday as it's close to the end of the week and my body gets really tired and all I want to do is lay in bed and watch T.V.

Inspirational Quotes: You can get these almost everywhere! They come as Wall Arts , Key-chains , Books and even mouse pads. Believe it or not these do help , there is just something about words written on something that I find highly motivating.

Snap Out of It : Get out of that funk! When I have the bad days , I literally give myself a pep talk. Yes I talk to myself aloud and sometimes in my mind and tell myself to get up! Who can motivate you better than yourself? Nobody , not even Tony Robins. While we are on Tony Robins , you should check out his Netflix Film "I am not a Guru ", good stuff , that will get you out of any funk!

How Do you stay motivated to Blog?



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