Decoding NYFW 2016

New York Fashion is  a major event on the Social Activities Calendar of ever Editor , Model , Socialite , Blogger/Infuencer and Fashion Enthusiasts. It is that time when Designers new and old showcase their collection for Fall and Summer. If you are not into Fashion , this can be a bit odd to grasp such a concept as NYFW and we are here to help you understand :-)

It's a Week Long Event: The name is a clear indication of how long the Event lasts ... which is one Week. There are different events each day .. sometimes multiple Events that is centered around a theme.

It's Art in Motion: I've heard so many people who don't understand Fashion say they don't like anything they see on the runway. I must also admit that some of the pieces look completely ... "interesting" and would probably not be worn on a daily basis ( or at all ) Fashion is relative and each designer will interpret it as such , the pieces you see are simply Art that can be worn.

VIP Invitation: It makes the Events more exclusive and I guess they invite people who will create the most Buzz. Why would North West be at a Fashion Show when her parents have a Nanny? It's all about the buzz. A VIP Invitation is literally your ticket to being around the taste-makers in the Fashion Industry , use it wisely.

Where You Sit Matters: At NYFW it's all about where you sit ... If you are in the front row , you know you are a Big Deal! This is where people like Anna Wintour and the celebrities sit and it's also the area that gets the most photographs. We live in the age of Instagram and Snap Chat after all and front row will in some way give you credibility.

Appearance Matters: This might be a bit superficial but it's all about what you wear and how you wear it. It's a Fashion show and you are expected to dress the part. It's important to carefully plan your outfits according to the show and theme. If you can , wear pieces from the Designer who is showing at the Event.

Check out the Link Below to see the Calendar of Events for NYFW 2016



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