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Welcome to another exciting “Blogging on Blogging” Post and as you can tell by the topic above, it’s all about writing. Every Blog related information you find will tell you “Content is King” as without content you literally don’t have a Blog. Here is a list of types of posts that you can probably write about as a Blogger.

Lists:  This is the easiest and everyone loves them. Listing involves “listing” ideas on a topic in a numerical or alphabetical format. For example “Top 5 “to “12 Steps” to everything else in between.  A blog title that falls into this could be “Top 5 Gifts for Men at Christmas “.

How To: I love “How to Posts” and this Blog was partly inspired by the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. These types of posts are instructional in nature and basically guide the reader in a step by step format. For example: “ How To Make a Dress from an Old T-Shirt”.

Reviews:  Online reviews are very popular nowadays as they help readers with their purchase decisions. This basically involves you purchasing or receiving a Product then talking about your experience with it. Here you can list the Pros and Cons, get as creative as you want and whether or not you would recommend it to a friend.

Trends: This is great for Fashion Bloggers and Niche focused Bloggers who are taste-makers in their respective fields. If you have an eye for Fashion and can spot the next big trend, this will work well for you. Another side to this is writing about popular “trends”, these are items that are getting hits on platforms like Twitter, Google and Yahoo. A great tool to help with this is Google Trends. Visit www.googletrends.com , thank me later. If done the right way this can give you a boost in page views.

News: As humans we always like to be in “the know”, instead of simply reporting the news verbatim, why not add your own spin on it? Be as engaging and factual as possible. If you choose this type of Blog post be sure to do your own research and get information from credible sources. You will not believe how many Bloggers simply copy and paste information from elsewhere to their own Blogs.

Deciding on your Blog Niche, you can choose one of these Blog Post styles or use them all. The best thing about being a Blogger is that you get to try many different things to see what works best for you and your Blog.

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