Why Your Blog Sucks

What a mean title eeh! Sometimes you have to hit the nail right on the head and be completely honest. I know so many people who have a Blog that they think sucks! Other people might say their Blog sucks as well and that might kinda be true. Each Blog is different as are the writers and here are a few reasons your Blog sucks.

Your Design is Sh*tty: Yes , yes ... your Blog might suck because you did not spend the time to make it look good. We as humans are naturally drawn to beautiful things so if your Design is less than attractive ... it sucks!

You Have no Niche: We've been through what a niche is so i'll just jump ahead. You need to find an area of focus to write about and be consistent. If you are like me and have several interests , the best thing to do is go into the Lifestyle niche. You cannot have a Beauty Blog then write about camping stuff ... that sucks!

You bore the Readers: There are so many different Blogs about so many different things. You have to find creative ways to make people want to read your Blogs. If you are a naturally funny person , add some humor ... if you are playful add some quizzes and games.

Your Images Suck: Guilty Right Here! My focus is on creating the content rather than taking pictures. I have learnt the long hard way that they go hand in hand. The first thing people will click on is naturally a beautiful image.

I hope these reasons help you to realize some of the reasons why your Blog sucks and how you can improve on them for better results.


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